Resources and Discussion Guides

How to Discuss Lost In Transition With Loved Ones

Use this discussion guide to spark meaningful conversations while watching Lost in Transition.

How to Find Resources That Support Trans Families

Read about how trans families can support each other during the transition process.

Good Vibes Only with Jazz Jennings

Join Jazz as she gives an inside look at her life as both an LGBTQ+ icon and a teenage girl.

How to be a LGBTQ+ Ally

Jazz Jennings talks about her experiences as an LGBTQ+ ally, and explains how you can be one too on this installment of her vlog, Good Vibes Only!


Jazz discusses her experience with female and trans empowerment, and explains how you can empower yourself to speak your truth too!

Body Confidence

Jazz gets real about insecurities as both a transgendered and teenage girl. Here are her best tips on learning to love your body and yourself!

Individual Journeys

Transgender men and women provide firsthand accounts of their transition journeys.

Karen’s Transition Journey

Lost In Transition's Karen shares why it was so important to share her transition journey with the world, and what advice she has for those approaching their own transition journeys.

Lawren’s Transition Journey

Lawren, from Lost In Transition, reveals why it is so important for her to share her transition journey and gives helpful advice for those considering their own transitions.

Lucy’s Transition Journey

Lost In Transition's Lucy shares how her transition journey has changed her perspective on being a transgender woman.