Thorgy Thor's Best Looks

Queen Thorgy shows off her favorite looks of her career. To see more iconic moments, tune in for the premiere of Dragnificent! on April 19 at 11pm/10c.

Photo By: Thorgy Thor

Photo By: Thorgy Thor

Photo By: Thorgy Thor

Photo By: Thorgy Thor

Photo By: Thorgy Thor

Cookie Monster Look

“There is nothing more fun than playing with humor and pageantry! Using the art of drag to give a nod to one of television’s most beloved puppets is magical. This whole costume was made by drag sister Roxxxy Andrews and [the] prop was found in a basement warehouse in Long Island [about] eight years ago, waiting to be used.”

Menswear Look

“I love wearing menswear in drag. These pants are vintage velvet Todd Oldham and I couldn't feel more powerful and confident on a red carpet in anything else. This was for the premier of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8. The purse is Chanel, top is nameless silk vintage and the hat was $5.99 at a costume shop.”

Jumpsuit Look

“I LOVE a jumpsuit. It's a look all-in-one. Pockets are a must for me, and this look is personally iconic because I wore it on the final episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 when I judged my sisters. The jumpsuit is by High Wasted studio. The hat, arms, leggings, shoes and glasses are by me.”

One-Shoulder Look

“See, this is classic Thorgy. Big, red hair wrapped up in dupioni silk to match this one-shoulder statement dress and dripping in Swarovski crystals. What makes this dress complete is my big smile, because, well, drag is FUN! The dress is by High Wasted Studio. The wrap, jewelry and smile by ... ME.”

Classic Confidence Look

“This is classic Thorgy having a blast. There is no look I feel more confident in than a belted peplum jacket that shows off my long, luscious legs! Yea! Purple is one of my favorite colors, so I went to town and paired it with a vintage, dyed-red Mongolian lamb shearling coat. Woooo!”

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