Sweet Home Sextuplets Turn 1!

On the heels of the sextuplets' first birthdays, news dropped that the Waldrop family will return to TLC for a second season of Sweet Home Sextuplets!

The Waldrop babies from Sweet Home Sextuplets are turning one today! To celebrate, we're giving YOU a gift -- a brand new season coming next Summer!

“We are excited to share this new journey in our lives as the babies are now ‘on the move,’ ” the Waldrops told PEOPLE. “Life has changed a little bit since season one. Our days are nonstop and a lot of fun! With three big boys and six soon-to-be toddlers, there is never a dull moment in our house.”

The babies pose with their birthday cakes!

In the sweet-as-can-be photo of the celebration above, you can see Blu, Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Rivers and Tag Waldrop posing in front of their individual cakes in matching cream-colored outfits. Although their actual birthday is today, they’ll celebrate with a ONEderland-themed party on December 22nd. We're sure those adorable outfits will warm up even the coldest of days!

With the new season around the corner, Eric and Courtney Waldrop can't wait to share how their six little ones have developed. “Each baby is growing by leaps and bounds and developing six unique personalities,” the couple explained. “It’s becoming real that we have nine kids all going in different directions!”

While you wait for new episodes in Summer 2019, binge all of last season now on TLC GO!

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