A Mother-Daughter Duo and A Devoted Dad Lose Weight and Gain Confidence on Skin Tight

They've lost the weight, but now it's time to gain their confidence as they get ready to face skin-removal surgery.

March 07, 2018
By: Marina Luciano-Carson

Stephanie lost almost 200lbs, but hasn't allowed herself to celebrate her accomplishment because of her excess skin.

Dr. Nowzaradan meets with Stephanie's mom Darcy, who is also undergoing skin removal surgery after losing close to 150lbs.

Stephanie was initially nervous to go under the knife, but she had a successful operation and hasn't looked back since.

Excited by their new bodies, Stephanie and Darcy plan to take a beach vacation together, and are looking forward to shopping for bikinis.

Stephanie now feels free to take son Jacob on fun activities and no longer feels held back by the weight of her excess skin.

After losing almost 400lbs. B.J. is excited to show off his new body to friends.

Once terrified of what he saw in the mirror, B.J. finally feels like himself.

Previously missing out on being able to play with his kids, B.J. now bowls with the best of them!

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