Angel and Linda's Journeys in Photos

Linda got her life back after a series of failed relationships and Angel overcame a lifetime of obesity. Now they are looking forward to finally loving who they see in the mirror.

March 19, 2018
By: Marina Luciano-Carson

Linda knew she had to adopt a healthier lifestyle for her two daughters, Belle and Bonnie.

Excited to embrace her new body, Linda gets ready to show off her new figure to friends, family, and her new boyfriend Phillip!

Linda is now able to be a more active part of her kids' lives.

Angel's mother passed away from complications with her weight when Angel was a little girl. She doesn't want her kids to have to deal with the same heartbreak that she has had to face.

Warned that she would have a large scar on her stomach after surgery, Angel is willing to take the risk, if it means the reward is not having to live with all the excess skin.

Angel is now able to look in the mirror and see more than her excess skin, and she can't wait to show her husband and her kids.

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