Antonia and Natasha's Journeys in Photos

Antonia and Natasha have both made strides in their weight loss journeys but feel held back by the loose skin they still have to endure.

March 14, 2018
By: Marina Luciano-Carson

Natasha's daughter has supported her every step of the way, and is now on her own weight loss journey thanks to the inspiration from her mom.

As a nurse, Antonia's mother was the best person to have by her side helping in her recovery.

No longer held back by her skin, Natasha is more comfortable going out in public, and participating in activities with her friends.

Antonia immediately felt at ease under the case of Dr. Camille Cash.

Natasha once hated what she saw in the mirror, but now is finally embracing all the progress she’s made.

Antonia was worried about her boyfriend Steve stepping up to the plate after her surgery, but the experience has brought them even closer together.

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