Janine's Journey in Photos

Put on diet pills as a toddler, Janine has always felt destined to fail. Previously a plus-size model, she now relies on her scooter to get her everywhere. She knows her time is running out, and that Dr. Nowazardan is her last hope at a healthy life.

January 17, 2018
By: Marina Luciano-Carson

Janine relies on her scooter to get her everywhere, even when she's at home.

Janine goes out to stock up on food.

Janine doesn't drive, so she only ventures out as far as her scooter can take her.

Suffering from panic attacks, Janine had difficulty traveling to Houston by plane to meet with Dr. Nowazardan, missing her first appointment.

Janine meets with Dr. Nowzardan as her informs her that he will have to insert a plastic balloon in her stomach to make her lose enough weight to become a candidate for surgery.

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