Lauren and Melanie's Weight-Loss Journey in Photos

Lauren and Melanie have lost an impressive amount of weight, but neither feels any more confident than they did at their heaviest.

March 29, 2018
By: Marina Luciano-Carson

Lauren lost over 200lbs. through diet and exercise, but knows that surgery is the only way to get rid of her excess skin.

She has been with her fiancé, Carlos, for 10 years, and he has never had an issue with her weight or excess skin.

Lauren has a number of people in her corner, including her mother who was by Lauren's side every step of the way.

Her mother was a huge part of her recovery after multiple surgeries.

Becoming a huge fitness buff during her weight-loss journey, Lauren is excited to get back in the gym, no longer held back by her excess skin.

What excites Lauren the most about her recovery after skin removal surgery is shopping for wedding dresses without being limited by her extra skin.

Now that she's had the first skin removal surgery, Melanie feels ready to get back into dance.

Melanie decided to take some time between surgeries to focus on getting herself where she needs to be.

Now when Melanie looks in the mirror, she sees all her hard work and the progress that she's made.

Feeling confident for the first time, Melanie is excited to get back in the dating game!

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