Liz's Journey in Photos

Liz’s only escape from her complicated childhood was food. Now bedridden and over 700lbs, she knows it’s now or never to fight her her life.

January 29, 2018
By: Marina Luciano-Carson

Weighing in at 721 lbs., Liz has been bedridden for years.

Incredibly close to her father from a young age, Liz wasn’t physically able to attend his funeral, fueling her addiction even further.

Her abnormally large lymphedema on her legs inhibited her from walking for years. Dr. Now moved her to a rehab center to help her eventually regain the strength to walk after all this time.

Her journey has been a tough one, and she’s not done yet, but Liz was able to get her weight down to 368 lbs. and is moving closer to living the active life she’s always dreamed of.

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