Meet the Brides of Say Yes to the Dress America

See all 52 brides on the special season of Say Yes to the Dress America, premiering Saturday, January 4 at 8/7c.

Arizona Bride: Lindsey | Say Yes to the Dress: America

This desert girl moved to Arizona (from Illinois) at a very young age and she is obsessed with everything about her adopted state, from the sun to the brimmed hats to the music festivals. She loves exploring all the natural wonders that Arizona has to offer.

Lindsey and her fiancé Benjamin met at a music festival. After months of talking, he finally asked her on their first date to a Black Keys concert. He proposed to Lindsey in Aruba while on vacation, surrounded by family.

California Bride: Sky | Say Yes to the Dress: America

Sky grew up in the city of Yosemite, home to one of the country’s most renowned national parks, where she explored and adventured in nature. She made the move to Orange after meeting her fiancé, Doug, but the couple still explores California every chance they get.

Doug and Sky met each other at a video convention for YouTube creators in Los Angeles, CA. Doug proposed to Sky at her favorite place in New Zealand surrounded by lush greenery and mountains.

Colorado Bride: Sammi Jo | Say Yes to the Dress: America

Sammi Jo is originally from California, but ever since she’s made Colorado her home, she can’t imagine living anywhere else. Sammi Jo lives an off-grid, rustic life in a log cabin, where she and her fiancé Andy have to chop their own firewood for heat.

Sammi Jo and Andy met when Andy visited California. He immediately wanted to take Sammi Jo back home with him—especially since she was well-versed in hunting and fishing. Andy is a cattle-rancher and proposed on the ranch, right before they were wrapping up the season.

Georgia Bride: Katie | Say Yes to the Dress: America

This born and bred Georgia peach encompasses all things southern, from the hospitality to the sweet accent, but don’t let that charm fool you! Katie is a girl that knows how to get down and dirty; she drives a huge truck, four-wheelers and rides dirt bikes.

Katie’s fiancé, Aaron, is in the United States Air Force, stationed in Georgia, and he couldn’t be prouder to serve his country from a state that he loves. The couple met at work on the military base and Aaron proposed on his favorite holiday, Independence Day.

Michigan Bride: Lacy | Say Yes to the Dress: America

Lacy and her fiancé Miles were both born and raised in Michigan, and they cannot get enough of their state’s natural beauty. The couple is constantly traveling to the various Great Lakes to soak up all they have to offer, from beaches to caves to waterfalls.

Despite a disastrous first date in high school where Miles spilled hot chocolate on Lacy and accidentally pushed her into a puddle of mud, they have been a couple for many years. Miles proposed to Lacy in downtown Grand Rapids, MI in a hotel room decorated in roses, candles and lights.

New York Bride: LoAles | Say Yes to the Dress America

LoAles was born in Colombia, but she has lived in New York her whole life. From foster care, to her grandma’s in the Bronx, to her apartment with her fiancé, LoAles sees herself as a flower that bloomed from the concrete. Her favorite things about New York are the range of food and the fact that she has access to anything at any time.

LoAles met her fiancé, Jordan, at the gym. She was working in the personal training department and they both had a passion for bodybuilding. They started out as friends, but eventually realized they had feelings for each other. He proposed to her on Christmas morning in their living room.

Pennsylvania Bride: Cassandra | Say Yes to the Dress: America

Currently residing in Philadelphia, Cassandra loves being in a big city with easy access to the beautiful sceneries that Pennsylvania has to offer. She moved to Pennsylvania when she was in high school and plans to stay put and start a family in The Keystone State. She is an NHL cheerleader for the Philadelphia Flyers and has been cheering and dancing with the team for the past two seasons.

Cassandra and fiancé Kellen Matthews-Thompson met at a music festival. He proposed to Cassandra in November 2018 while she was dancing at one of her Philadelphia Flyers games.

Texas Bride: Helecia | Say Yes to the Dress: America

Helecia is a free spirit who loves everything about her state. She describes Texas as a melting pot of culture that has so much to offer in terms of food, activity, and places to see. Helecia and her fiance, Nick, love exploring the Lone Star State’s rodeos, beaches, festivals and of course, the countryside.

After being friends for a decade, Helecia and Nick decided to start dating. Nick jokes that she kept him in the “friend zone” forever, but he always had faith that they would eventually take their relationship to the next level. He is happy to be permanently out of the friend zone and cannot wait to marry his best friend!

Washington, D.C. Bride: Jackie | Say Yes to the Dress: America

Jackie currently lives in Washington D.C. and loves that her city is a melting pot of different ethnicities and cultures. Jackie is a first-generation Chinese American, and her family initially gravitated towards the city because of its booming Chinese subculture. Jackie takes pride in her city – for three years, she represented Washington D.C. as a dancer for the Washington Wizards, which she considers one of the best experiences of her life.

Jackie and Dan met through mutual friends. Jackie was hoping to get engaged in 2018, but Dan wanted to wait until 2019. He compromised and surprised her by popping the question at a New Year’s Eve party.

West Virginia Bride: Erin | Say Yes to the Dress: America

Erin represents her home state of West Virginia best by putting on her police uniform every morning and serving the community. When she isn't at work, this lighthearted bride-to-be and her fiancé love exploring the outdoors, attending local football games and hanging with the Mothman Statue in town.

Erin met her fiancé, Scott, in jail! The West Virginia natives are both officers at a local prison. Scott proposed this past Christmas when they were at home with family.

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