My 600lb Life Transformation Gallery

By: TLCme

My 600lb Life | Octavia Before

Before her first consult with Dr. Now, Octavia hadn't weighed herself in seven months.

My 600lb Life | Octavia

My 600lb Life | Octavia

Octavia is a self taught jeweler, her first piece was a multicolored bracelet. Once she became bed bound, making jewelry became her way to make some money. She started selling her pieces through social media to friends and family.

My 600lb Life | Octavia

Octavia had never been to Houston until she traveled to join Dr. Now's program. The last time Octavia left Kansas City was to visit family in Dallas when she was 40.

My 600lb Life | Octavia After

The first thing Octavia wants to do when she recovers from her surgery is go to a water park in Kansas City...and go to a Beyonce concert!

My 600lb Life | Brianne Before

In high school Brianne was an athlete, competing in softball, field hockey, and swimming. But prior to surgery, the only place she felt comfortable leaving the house for was for Church, two times a week.

My 600lb Life | Brianne

At Brianne’s size she can burn around 140 calories for every 15 minutes of vacuuming.

My 600lb Life | Brianne

Brianne and Rick's first date was to an Olive Garden, it's also where he proposed to her!

My 600lb Life | Brianne

It took Brianne and Rick around three hours to get to the nearest airport. From there, the flight to Houston took around 3 hours.

My 600lb Life | Brianne After

One of Brianne's long term goals is to go on mission trips with her church, and she hopes to travel to Israel once she reaches her target weight.

My 600lb Life | Robin Before

My 600lb Life | Garrett Before

My 600lb Life | Robin

Robin has 13 total tattoos. Most of the tattoos were drawn by or inspired by her late sister Meshell.

My 600lb Life | Robin

Robin uses social media strictly to post a bible verse every day. She hasn't missed a day in 3 years.

My 600lb Life | Robin and Garrett

Robin's house in Kansas is roughly 700 miles away from Dr. Now's office in Houston.

My 600lb Life | Garrett After

My 600lb Life | Robin After

The first thing Robin wants to do after recovering from weight loss surgery is to take a long walk on the beach or go on an exotic vacation to Japan.

My 600lb Life | Justin Before

My 600lb Life | Justin

Justin's dream job is to be the CEO of his own digital marketing firm.

My 600lb Life | Justin

Justin's surgery took an hour and a half to complete—he was in the hospital for 4 days to recover.

My 600lb Life | Justin

Justin’s favorite place in Houston is the Arboretum & Nature Center

My 600lb Life | Justin After

After he reaches his goal weigh, Justin wants to start training to become a boxer.

My 600lb Life | Holly Before

My 600lb Life | Holly

Holly listened to Josh Groban the entire 12 hour trip from Georgia to Houston.

My 600lb Life | Holly

Holly was shocked by the number of people in Houston compared to her town in Georgia.

My 600lb Life | Holly

Holly was even more nervous about her second weight-loss surgery. The health risks of bariatric surgery are much lower than the health risks of obesity itself.

My 600lb Life | Holly After

Holly hopes to open her own practice like Dr. Lola one day.

My 600lb Life | Lacey Before

My 600lb Life | Lacey

It’s roughly 1,300 miles from Lacey’s hometown in Michigan to Houston, TX.

My 600lb Life | Lacey

Lacey’s biggest fear is letting Dr. Now down.

My 600lb Life | Lacey

Lacey sees Dr. Now as a stern grandfather and loves his dry sense of humor.

My 600lb Life | Lacey After

My 600lb Life | Brandon Before

My 600lb Life | Brandon

Brandon is a talented guitar and piano player, he also once considered moving to Italy to sing opera.

My 600lb Life | Brandon

Brandon was originally scared of weight-loss surgery, but after talking to Taylor’s mom he had faith that everything would be okay.

My 600lb Life | Brandon

When Brandon reaches his target weight, he would love to open his own music studio and travel to Italy.

My 600lb Life | Brandon After

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