The Ultimate Home Makeover! While You Were Out Returns in 2019

Reboot! The home makeover series premieres on TLC and HGTV with your favorite designers.

October 29, 2018
By: TLCme

Who wouldn't love a surprise home makeover?! The classic home renovation series While You Were Out returns in 2019...with a new twist.

Hosted by Ananda Lewis, designers and carpenters from TLC and HGTV will have a $10,000 budget to re-design a room in neighboring homes. But keep it a secret! Each set of homeowners must send their significant other on a weekend getaway to await a surprise reveal upon their return.

In the ultimate crossover experience, the premiere will air on both TLC and HGTV, with each network airing their own version of the episode!

Will you see your favorite designer or carpenter? Here's the lineup:

From TLC: Carter Oosterhouse, Doug Wilson, Frank Bielec, Hildi Santo Tomas, Kahi Lee, Sabrina Soto, Ty Pennington and Vern Yip.

From HGTV: Bristol and Aubrey Marunde, David Visentin, Hilary Farr, Karen E Laine, Mina Starsiak, Nicole Curtis and Vanilla Ice.

Stay tuned for more information by following TLC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and join the conversation using #WhileYouWereOut.

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