Binge-Worthy Podcasts for Summer Road Trips

Get your headphones out.

By: Amanda Mushro

Photo By: Tetra Images - Jamie Grill

Download These Podcasts Before You Hit the Road

Pack your bags and your headphones because no summer road trip is complete without a few podcasts to make the miles fly by. From true crime to celebrities spilling secrets, don’t leave for your summer road trip without downloading these podcasts.

The Dropout

The story of Elizabeth Holmes and her company, Theranos, is an unbelievable but real-life tale of greed, lies and ambition that went very, very wrong. You may have heard about Holmes or Theranos in the news, but this in-depth podcast gives you all the details on Holmes’ life before and after the fall of Theranos. This podcast is one you won’t be able to stop listening to during your vacation.

Over My Dead Body

From the people who brought you Dirty John and Doctor Death, there’s no surprise that their newest podcast is a must-listen. This true crime thriller tells the story of a couple whose marriage falls apart and one of them winds up dead. The story is filled with twists and turns you won’t see coming.

How I Built This

Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite companies got their start? Are you fascinated by tales of people who have an idea and find a way to turn it into a reality? Then this is the podcast for you. NPR's Guy Raz interviews the creators of companies like Panera, Spanx and Away Luggage for an honest look into the ups and downs they have faced in their lives and careers. From very personal stories to a look at what'd next for these entrepreneurs, How I Built This is perfect for binging.

My Favorite Murder

The perfect mixture of true crime and humor—yes, that’s actually a thing. My Favorite Murder has quickly become one off the most popular podcasts in the world. Hosts Georgia and Karen talk about true crime and their own lives in a way that fans love. This podcast unites comedy, sarcasm and snark with true crime stories that will keep you on your toes.

Arm Chair Expert

From some of your favorite celebrities (and a few who will become your new favorites) to experts on everything from relationships to finding joy in life, actor Dax Shepard's podcast Arm Chair Expert is popular for good reason. What makes this podcast so great is Dax doesn’t ask his guests the usual questions. He chats with his guests about their failures and the times they messed up, turning celebrities into regular people you can relate to. There’s a great library of interviews that are perfect for passing the time.


A science podcast for people who just think the world around us is pretty rad. Host Alie Ward finds an “-ologist” to talk about topics like dogs, marriage and even ancient Rome. Ward asks “smart people dumb questions” in the most charming and hilarious way. Scroll through the library and give a few past episodes a listen.

Getting Curious

Host Johnathan Van Ness is not only an absolute joy, he's curious about a wide range of topics. On Getting Curious he finds experts to chat with and share their expertise. From politics to romance and everything in between, JVN talks fast and will make you laugh as each episode leaves you with a little more knowledge.

Ear Hustle

This podcast takes listeners inside San Quentin State Prison for real-life stories about their time inside and outside. The stories will make you laugh, cry, and rethink what you believe about our justice system and about people who are incarcerated. Give this one a listen. You’ll keep coming back for more.

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