8 Easy Organization Projects You Can Do While in Quarantine

Take this "opportunity" to spring clean.

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Easy Projects that Take Little Time

With more time at home, it’s tempting to start pulling apart closets and reorganizing just about everything. But times are stressful and if you aren’t someone who thrives on having everything in order, organization projects can feel downright daunting. The good news? There are plenty of simple projects that can make a huge difference with little time commitment and few supplies.

We consulted the duo Joni and Kitt, who own Practically Perfect, an organizing firm in Los Angeles. The professional organizers -- both moms themselves -- know just how much people are juggling these days. Here are eight projects they suggested that are totally doable whenever you have a few extra minutes on your hands.

Tackle the Fridge

With grocery shopping looking a little different these days, it’s important to have a well-organized fridge. To accomplish this, Joni and Kitt suggest you, “Empty it entirely, placing highly perishable items into a cooler if you have one on hand. Check expiration dates as you remove everything, tossing anything that is no longer good. Wipe down the interior surfaces, and soak and scrub any removable shelves and drawers. Dry everything and replace.”

Create Fridge Zones

“Once you’ve done that, create zones [for] snacks, leftovers, produce, etc., either by shelf or by drawer, that work for your family. Just ensure that everyone in your household knows what the zones are and where they live,” Joni and Kitt said. “Repurpose containers from your home for storing, and make sure to wipe down all your refrigerable items and place them into their new homes."

Carve Out 20 Minutes for a Quick Relocation Game

Being home bound means more foot traffic around the house and ultimately more of a mess (especially with kids around). This 20-minute exercise can help you quickly get things back in their place, and it’s easy for kids to help with.

Turn up the tunes, grab a large basket (like a laundry basket) and set a timer for 20 minutes. “Grab every item in the living room that doesn't belong there–shoes, pajamas, jackets, toys, books, snack wrappers, newspapers, dishes, this list could go on and on. Once the basket is full, relocate everything back to its original home,” Joni and Kitt advise.

Make the Pantry Useful

Like many people, you probably bulked up on a large selection of non-perishables like pasta, rice, beans and canned tomatoes. Now more than ever, it’s important to have a pantry with dry goods that are easy to locate.

“Create general areas within your pantry by starting with categories like breakfast, spreads, canned goods, dry goods, snacks and beverages,” Joni and Kitt said. “Once you can see the general number of items in each category, consider breaking it down even further–grains, pasta, sauces, soups, etc. Then pick an area of your pantry to house each zone. It should be a system that makes sense for YOU.”

Consider Labels

Once you’ve decided on your categories, start to put stuff away. “Check expiration dates as you go, storing items that are close to expiring at the front to be used more quickly,” Joni and Kitt said. “Use bins and baskets to contain smaller or unpackaged items. If you have bins or baskets, consider labels to further reinforce where items belong.”

You’ll want to do a quick, weekly check to make sure things maintain order.

Playroom Revamp

Is your playroom full of the toys your kids used to play with and toys they still enjoy? Now is a great time to fix that. If your kids are old enough, they can help as well.

Set aside items that your kids have outgrown or are no longer playing with. “For infants and toddlers, a great way to extend the life of their toys is by simply moving items in and out of the rotation to keep them feeling new,” Joni and Kitt said. “Consider a one-in and one-out policy to keep toy collections feeling manageable over time.”

Tackle the Closet

Your daily uniform may consist of joggers and a hoodie with the occasional workout outfit thrown in, which means it’s time to tackle the clothes that are not leaving your closet.

“Remove any loose hangers from your closet and group them in a tote or hang them in the back,” Joni and Kitt said. “Face all your clothing in the same direction, [or] consider grouping your items by category and color. We love the ROYGBIV color code, with neutrals at the beginning or end.”

Clean Out Your Car

Driving has been minimal, which means your kids aren’t throwing their applesauce pouches, artwork and water bottles on the floor. Now is the time to give your car a good cleaning.

The first step, of course, is getting rid of all the trash, and don’t forget to look under the seats. After that, Joni and Kitt suggest that you “dedicate a spot for your everyday essentials, like Chapstick, sunscreen, gum and your phone, [in a place] that is not your cup holder.”

And for all that kid stuff? “Consider repurposing a caddy or small bin to hold snacks, toys and water bottles that can be stored between the seats or use a seat back organizer,” they said.

Apply the Same Thoughts to Your Inbox

It’s time to organize your inbox. Don’t worry about tackling this all at once; you can do this whenever you have 10-15 minutes to spare. Start by unsubscribing to everything you don’t read.

“Create folders for any common email categories: receipts, school, medical, personal, appointments, etc,” Joni and Kitt suggest. “Only file emails once they have been dealt with.”

The Perfect Fold for Extra Credit

If organizing is becoming a stress relief for you, folding the shirts in your drawer may be a fun activity. Practically Perfect LA put together this video to show you a few ways to get your drawers in tip-top shape in less than 10 minutes (once you get the hang of it, of course!)

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