10 Fun Elf on the Shelf Return Ideas

Guess who’s back?

By: Amanda Mushro

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Photo By: elfontheshelf.com

Your Favorite Elf is Back

It’s officially the Christmas season and that means holiday movies are playing on repeat, every store you walk into is playing festive music, and kids are waking up early to see if their Elf on the Shelf has returned from the North Pole. Yes it’s that time of year again—the Elf is back.

So, if you have an Elf or maybe a few Elves that will be returning to your home this holiday season, check out how some other elves made their grand entrance.

Elf on the Letterboard

You love your letter board. Your kids love the letter board. Turns out, the elf loves it too.

Elf on a Breakfast Shelf

Traveling all the way from the North Pole must have made this elf very hungry because he brought along a welcome breakfast to share with the kids. From milk and donuts to fun table décor, he’s ready to treat his favorite kids and then get to work.

Elf on Thanksgiving

If your elf arrives right after Thanksgiving, he might want to dress up as a turkey.

Elf on a Plane

This little elf arrived in style—on a paper airplane. He’s fresh off his fight from the North Pole and it looks like he landed pretty close to the newly decorated Christmas tree, too.

Elf’s Random Acts of Kindness

Instead of watching over your home and reporting back to Santa, this year your elf can encourage your kids to be kinder during the entire holiday season. This elf came with a letter that encouraged kids to do a random act of kindness. From small treats for neighbors to helping others, the usual elf hijinks can turn into some sweet memories this year.

Elf in the Air

These two made their return in a DIY hot air balloon that is all decked out for Christmas.

Elf on a Window

This elf had a crash landing and seems to be stuck to the window! No worries, he still has a smile on his face and a joke to tell. Plus, he can really see if your kids are being naughty or nice from this view.

Elf Stuck in a Balloon

Uh oh! This little elf tried to fill up the house with balloons but got stuck inside!

Elf Countdown

This elf is just as excited for Christmas as your kids are, and she even created a countdown for them!

Elf in a Box

A perfectly wrapped package is a great place for the elf to announce his or her arrival. This elf is so excited, even the box couldn’t contain her.

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