How to Support a Friend Who Had a Baby During Coronavirus

This isn’t how she planned to bring her newborn home, but here’s how you can help.

By: Amanda Mushro

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7 Ways You Can Be Supportive

Bringing home a new baby is stressful, but having a baby during a pandemic is off the charts. Friends and family that would normally flock to see mom and her new baby now have to stay away. Being postpartum during this unprecedented time can leave a new mom feeling alone and isolated; so, if social distancing is keeping you away from a new mom and her baby, there are ways you can help out and show you care. From gifts to meals and just checking in, here are a few things all new moms need right now.

Have a Meal Delivered

One of the nicest things you can do for a new mom is making sure she doesn’t have to plan dinner. So, have a meal delivered to her home, send over a few meals from a meal subscription kit or send a gift card from her favorite restaurant so she can order dinner or lunch when it works best for her.

Send Over New Mom Must-Haves

Everyone is excited to know every little detail about the baby, but don’t forget about mom! She’s the one who did all the hard work and is still recovering. Sending a little gift is a great way to let her know that you are thinking of her. Not sure what to send? How about a spa gift box just for her or good coffee and a cute mug to help after those sleepless nights.

Stock Her Pantry

Make mom’s life a little easier by sending over some pantry staples and/or stocking her fridge. Grocery store shopping can be stressful these days and is even more daunting with a new baby. Make sure mom has what she needs so she doesn’t have to run to the store.

Text Often, But Don’t Expect a Response

Send a few texts to make sure she knows you are supporting her from afar. However, make it clear that you understand she is super busy and doesn’t have to call or text you back. Just knowing you are thinking of her will help a new mom feel less alone.

Be Her Sounding Board

If she does reach out, be patient, let her vent and let her know you are there to help if she needs it.

Plan a Socially Distant Visit

Of course, you want to snuggle the baby but, until it’s safe, plan a visit at a safe distance so you can check on mom and get a few glimpses of that sweet little face.

Check Her Registry

There’s a good chance that her shower was canceled. So, check out her registry to see if there is a must-have gift you can send her way.

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