5 Online Dating Stories That'll Make You Cringe

Dating apps aren’t for everyone.

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Stories that Will Make You Swipe Left

To find your prince or princess, you have had to kiss a few frogs along the way. Over the years, social media and dating apps have allowed us to meet more people and make more connections than any time before. While some interactions can be really great, others can be… less so. If you need a good laugh or need to be affirmed that it’s not just you that goes on terrible dates, this list is for you! Here are five online dating stories that are so awkward and embarrassing, you can’t help but swipe left.

Lock and Key

We matched on Tinder, and then we met up and went to dinner. Afterward, we decided to go on a walk. While we were walking, he tells me how he believes that the only way to make a connection with someone is to be locked in a room with them until they become friends. I instantly got creeper vibes and was like, “Nope!” and I got my way of out that!

Lindsey T. – Anaheim, CA

Shattered Expectations

I got all dolled up, did my makeup and felt super cute, and when I showed up to the restaurant, he was wearing a Loony Tunes T-shirt with shorts and flip flops. I already knew this wasn’t going to go the way I had intended, but I decided to stay and give him a chance. Then, not even five minutes after we sat down and got our drinks, he squeezed his glass so hard in his hand–later, I learned he did this because he was nervous–and it completely shattered. I was sprayed with glass and beer. My entire outfit was soaked and dripping. Suffice to say, I said no to a second date.

Taylor R. – Eugene, OR

Box Office Flop

I met this really cute guy on Bumble. We hit it off online but, in person, he seemed nice but disconnected. He bought popcorn for himself before I arrived but offered to share it. During the opening trailers, I took a few bites of the popcorn and was fine. But as the movie started, I began to choke on some inhaled kernel flakes that hit the back of my throat. The guy didn’t flinch or even ask if I was okay! I had to run out to the concession stand and get water. The theater employees I passed on the way had more concern for my wellbeing than he did. After the movie ended, he said he had a good time. I didn’t say much. The next day, I woke up to a text from him basically saying he wasn’t interested anymore.

Jessica F. – Long Island, NY

Prince Un-charming

I met him online and we hit it off very well. He was a perfect gentleman. We would talk about everything: our goals, values and things we were both passionate about, just to name a few. He seemed like my perfect guy. After three weeks of late-night phone calls and texting, I finally invited him over to my place. Once he arrived, things immediately took a turn for the worst. He complained about the furniture in my house, ate and drank most of the food and drinks in my fridge, and was outright disrespectful. It wasn’t long before I asked him to leave.

Tina C. – Bowie, MD

Love at First Date

The date went really, really well. We went to my favorite sushi restaurant, got some dessert and then on a short walk after. He walked me to my car and right before I get in he tells me that he might be in love with me! He said that I was everything he could want in a wife and wanted to fully commit to me. I was obviously very flattered, but he was moving way too fast and I honestly wasn’t ready for that so soon!

Devyn J. – Hollywood, CA

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