5 Online Dating Stories That Prove Digital Love Is 100% Real

Dating apps are keeping love alive.

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Swipe for a Chance at Love

Many are against the idea of finding romance online through a website or an app, opting to go the more traditional, in-person route. And while that’s totally fine, more and more people are finding real and lasting relationships online. While online dating may lead to a lot of awkward encounters when you finally meet that special someone, it can all be worth it. Here are five stories of true connections that started online.

Breaking the Ice

At first, I was hesitant because he literally has the same name as my dad, but he seemed nice enough and I wasn’t going to pursue anything if I matched with him. But then he messaged me first, answering the ice breaker question I posted on my profile. We had so much to talk about. Our first date was actually him coming over with wine and pineapple and we watched “Lilo and Stitch” and had a great time. We’ve been together since last May.

Kristin N. – Honolulu, HI

All the Feels

I matched with him on Tinder because his profile had a picture of him at one of the locations in my favorite TV show. He said he was looking for a soulmate and so I was intrigued. After two dates, I could really feel myself start to fall for him. I recently got very sick, and I tried to stay away, but he offered to take care of me while I recuperated which meant a lot to me.

Imani L. – Washington, D.C.

A Magical Night

In our profiles, we both mentioned our love of “Harry Potter,” so we decided to have our first date at Universal Studios and go to the Harry Potter part. We had a really good night. We rode the rides, ate at the themed restaurant and just enjoyed the night. We finished on the observation deck overlooking the city and I kissed him. We’re still together and going strong.

Michael D. – Los Angeles, CA

Campus Crush

My best Tinder date was in college. We met at a bar and we sat and talked for hours. We had a lot in common and he was just incredibly easy to talk to. Then we took a walk around campus and decided to go get some food. Afterward, he took me back to my dorm room. I haven’t had a date that has topped that one yet.

Julia B. – Austin, TX

Commute Cuties

We had a lot in common, so we chatted on the app for a few days, exchanged numbers, and then went on a date like a week later. We hung out for eight hours. It was like we’d been friends our whole lives. Unfortunately, the commute for the date was a little over an hour and the next few times we tried to hang out, things kept getting in the way for both of us. We decided it wasn’t worth the effort. We still check in on each other occasionally though. It was a wholesome learning experience.

Noelle N. – San Francisco, CA

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