Pnina Tornai's 10 Most Blinged Out Wedding Gowns

When it comes to wedding dresses, there are a multitude of gowns to choose from: A-line, ball gown, mermaid, lace, organza, satin, sweetheart, halter, cap sleeves; the list goes on and on. Every bride has an idea in mind of what her perfect wedding dress looks like and, for some women, bling is the thing!

If you've seen Say Yes to the Dress, then you no doubt know of Pnina Tornai - the queen of bling. Where there is Pnina, there is sparkle. With her gowns being the ultimate eye-candy, we rounded up 10 of Pnina's most fabulous and blingy dresses!

August 30, 2016
By: TLCme

Photo By: Pnina Tornai

Photo By: Pnina Tornai

Photo By: Pnina Tornai

Photo By: Pnina Tornai

Photo By: Pnina Tornai

Photo By: Pnina Tornai

Photo By: Pnina Tornai

Photo By: Pnina Tornai

Photo By: Pnina Tornai

Photo By: The Tiny Wedding Co.

Photo By: The Tiny Wedding Co.


This stunning sheath gown kicks things off with its wondrous illusion of bling. This embellished dress is perfect for brides wishing to evoke that old Hollywood style of class and glamour.


A blinged-out corset on a dramatic ball gown! What more could a woman with a love for all things dramatic ask for?


This gorgeous A-line gown has earned its place on the list with its beautiful crystal embellished top. It's a perfect mix of fashion forward and whimsical.


The corset alone on this iconic Pnina Tornai gown is enough to make any bling queen swoon!


A dream come true for every lover of bling: being literally draped in crystals! This breathtaking gown takes glamour to new levels.


This crystal-embellished bodice is perfect from the sweetheart neckline all the way down to the flared out tulle. What's even more perfect is that it's part of Pnina's LOVE Collection. Bling on a budget never looked more fab!


Sometimes less is more and, in this case, that quote rings true. The intricate detailing and minimalistic bling on this blush gown proves that you can still 'wow' without dripping in glitz.


There will be no dulling your sparkle in this stunning fit and flare gown. The embellishments on this gown are in all of the right places, granting it the number 3 spot on this crystal-studded list.


Bling, bling, and more bling! There is no doubt that this gown belongs on this list with its abundance of striking embellishments perfectly outlining the silhouette of this sexy mermaid gown.


Pnina's famous classic crystal embellished ball gown! The timeless style of this ball gown makes it a true show-stopper. It has just the right amount of embellishment and has the stunning dramatic look that true bling lovers die for. Hands down, it is one of the most popular gowns from the Pnina Tornai Boutique at Kleinfeld Bridal, and it proves its beauty time and time again. Simply stunning.

If bling is your thing then Pnina Tornai, is the designer for you. After all, bling is forever!

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