8 Thanksgiving Games That Will Keep Kids Entertained While the Turkey Cooks

Keep the kids entertained and working up an appetite on Thanksgiving.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Happy Turkey Day!

Turkey dinner is the star of Thanksgiving but waiting around all day can be tough on your younger guests. So, to keep little turkeys entertained and out of the kitchen, here are eight games that will keep everyone distracted while they work up an appetite.

I Spy Thanksgiving

Who doesn’t love a quick game of I Spy? This fun and free printable is the perfect game for kids to play alone or with each other.

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Let kids use this printable list to find different items they’re grateful for. This one is perfect for indoor and outdoor play. Kids can even take pictures of the items as they find them.

Thanksgiving Day Parade Bingo

If you and your kids love watching The Thanksgiving Day parade before it’s officially Turkey time, turn it into a game with this Bingo board. With these printables, all of the work is already done for you.


This game is also a craft that is simply perfect for the little turkeys at your Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving Joke Teller

For your funny turkeys, this joke teller is a quick and simple game that will keep everyone laughing.

Pumpkin Twister

Keep everyone moving and giggling with this DIY game. It’s just like the original game, but with a Thanksgiving twist.

Turkey Tag

Play this game inside or get all of the kids outside to burn off some energy. The rules are simple, and kids will want to keep playing Turkey Tag before and after dinner.

Thanksgiving MadLibs

When it comes to MadLibs, the sillier the answer the better. Little and older kids will love reading these out loud.

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