7 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

Summer isn’t over yet!

By: Amanda Mushro

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Summer Bucket List

While this hasn’t been the type of summer any of us had planned, there is no denying that it’s still a pretty amazing season. So, before we say it’s a wrap on summertime, here are seven things you should do with your kids. Consider this your end-of-summer bucket list.

Eat Ice Cream for Dinner

One of the best ways to celebrate everything that is wonderful about summer is to skip making a meal and have ice cream for dinner instead. Grab all of your family’s favorite flavors and toppings and nosh on sundaes, ice cream cones and sweet treats for the night. Just give your kids a few extra fruits and veggies for lunch and call it even.

Have a “Yes” Day

How many times a day do you tell your kids “no”? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you let your kids plan the day and you simply said “yes” to everything? One of our favorite celeb moms, Jennifer Garner, is a big fan of giving her kids a “Yes Day” and every year the results are hilarious–exhausting but hilarious.


Unplugging and disconnecting from the world can be hard. Between work, family responsibilities, and managing everything going on, we often feel that we have to be connected every minute of the day. But, here’s the thing–summer is a great time to turn off all the noise and just spend time with your family. So, go ahead and unplug from your devices, work and the outside world and just be in the moment with your kids. No cellphones, no email and no watching the news. Can you do this for a day? Maybe a weekend? There’s a good chance you may make this a mandatory summer event.

Outdoor Movie

Grab the popcorn and a few comfy chairs because watching a movie outside is the perfect summer activity. Whether it’s a drive-in movie or an outdoor movie that you hack, you’ll make sweet summer memories under the stars.

Go Camping

Sleeping under the stars sounds amazing but, if spending the night at a campsite isn’t really your thing, try camping in your own backyard. Grab a tent, some snacks and your kiddos, and make your very own campsite. Need some inspiration? Here’s how to host your own family backyard campout.

Summer Reading

Is there an abandoned book on your nightstand that you have been wanting to read? Give yourself the time to read and enjoy it! Better yet, set aside an hour a day for the entire family to relax and dive into a story. If your schedule is too hectic, try an audiobook so you can listen as you clean, go for a walk, or whenever you have a moment.

Have a Picnic

Eating outside is a summer must. So, before the dog days of summer turn into fall, pack up a picnic basket and eat outdoors with your family. You can venture out to a park, playground or host a picnic in your own backyard.

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