Virtual Adult Playdate Ideas That Will Make Social Distancing Easier

Stay connected while you #StayHome.

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Keep Up with Friends and Family

Whether you're homeschooling, caring for family members, or solo working from home right now, adults have a lot on our plates. While you would usually go out with friends or book a babysitter for date night to unwind, you’ll have to make interactions virtual for now. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be social and keep up the meaningful connections in your life. Here are some great ways to do so.

Virtual Book Club

Are you used to getting together with friends for book club? You can still break out the snacks and get together via Zoom to discuss each pick. It could be a great time to see if you can even get the author to join in on the virtual discussion.

Happy Hour

A happy hour with friends, even if it’s over Zoom, can be a nice way to decompress and chat with others about how they are feeling with everything. BYO favorite cocktail and cozy up on the couch for a much-needed chat.

Online Card Games

Poker night doesn’t have to be cancelled – it just needs to move online. The app Pokerrr is a great one that you can play with friends on an iPad or phone. Other entertaining apps for card sharks include Canasta or Blackjack.

Wine Tasting or Cocktail Making

Many bartenders have begun online demonstrations on how to make cocktails, taste wine properly and pair drinks with your favorite takeout. Master sommelier @alpanasingh is doing wine tastings and pairings, or see @gastronomcocktails for interesting cocktails. Get on Google hangouts with friends to watch and create together.


Even if you can’t do yoga and brunch with your pals, chances are you can still catch a virtual class with them. Many teachers are taking to Instagram or Facebook live to keep their students going with free classes. If your teacher isn’t doing yoga or if you want to try something new, ClassPass and Peloton have donation-friendly and free classes that you can do at the same time as friends. If you have the Peloton bike or a treadmill, you can even ride along.

Cook Together

There’s something soothing about cooking right now and just about everyone is doing it. Pick a favorite recipe with friends and whip something up together. You can have a virtual dinner party once you are done. If you want more of a guided experience, chefs and places like Murray’s Cheese will send you what you need to make a cheese plate and teach you how to do it.


Music is a great way to relax, and many of our favorite artists are stepping up to the plate with weekly concerts from their couch. Follow @coronavirusconcerts for a schedule of who is performing each day and follow your favorite singers. Then gather virtually and jam out.


Now is a great time to perfect your karaoke skills from the comfort of your house. Once you have, the app Stingray is there for free karaoke. Invite each of your friends to perform a song over Zoom and you’ll be laughing for days to come.

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