10 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Honor your elders with these special activities.

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Happy Grandparents Day!

Sept. 13 is National Grandparents Day, a day to honor Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Papa, Bubbie and Zayde, or whatever name your kids call their grandparents. Although we know our elders are special enough to honor every day, this is a time to do something meaningful with the people who gush over your kids’ accomplishments on a daily basis.

Order a Special Treat

Grandparents get a thrill out of taking their grandkids out for dessert, so we bet they’d be equally thrilled to be treated themselves. To stay safe, try ordering in. Whether it’s an ice cream sundae, a donut and coffee or a milkshake, there is something exciting about sweet treats that cross generations.

Be Reporter for a Day

You know who has great stories? Grandparents! They’re always listening to stories about your latest accomplishments. Why not turn the tables on them? Learn tales of your parents when they were kids, hear about decades you’ve only read about or find out what kind of mischief they got into as kids. Use a voice recorder to capture the stories and revisit them for years to come.

Cook Together

Some of our favorite recipes came from our grandparents. Whether it’s grandma’s signature banana bread or grandpa’s egg in a basket, ask to learn your favorites and then set the table to enjoy it with them after. Many recipes have good stories behind them, so ask them to share those, too.

Take Them on an Adventure

Just because they are older doesn’t mean that grandparents don’t like to have fun just like you! Check covid safety regulations and plan an adventure to one of your favorite places.

Help Them with Their Everyday Chores

Who wouldn’t love a little extra help around the house? Give back to your grandparents by helping them with chores. Parents can help make a list of appropriate tasks like watering plants, doing the dishes, washing the car and taking out the trash.

Take Family Photos

Time goes fast and photos are a great way to solidify memories. If budgets allow, hire a professional photographer to do a grandparent-and-me photo session. Print up the photos and make your own frame as a great way to commemorate time together.

Volunteer Together

There are few things more rewarding than volunteering. Make it extra special by volunteering together with grandparents. Find tasks that are appropriate to do together like sorting books, serving food at a shelter or creating cards for sick kids at the local children’s hospital.

Read Together

Pile up your favorite books and have your grandparents pick a few of their favorite classic children’s tales. If your kids are old enough, have them take turns reading with their grandparents. If they are too little to read, grandma and grandpa will still relish the cuddles that come with storytime. Or, if they can't read together in person, set time aside for a Facetime call so your kids can share their favorite stories.

Send Them a Meaningful Card

If your kids can’t be with their grandparents on Grandparents Day, that doesn’t mean they can’t still make it meaningful. Create a homemade card or color a picture to send them in the mail and FaceTime them when they open it.

Just Hang Out

Grandparents don’t care what they do when they are with their grandkids. Even if your kids are too little to plan anything grand, they can still spend quality time. Blow bubbles, sing songs together or play Legos on the floor—everything is better together. Meanwhile, for kids and grandparents who can't be together, set up a video call so your little one can show off their favorite things, do performances, sing songs together and more.

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