10 Ways to Celebrate Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

You are your most important person.

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Treat Yourself

You don’t need a romantic partner to have a love-filled Valentine’s Day! Love comes in many shapes and forms and they’re all worth discovering. Celebrate the love that you have for yourself this holiday. While self-care and self-love should happen year-round, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to go all out. Here are a few ideas to prove once and for all that your true soulmate should always be yourself!

Get Pampered!

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Make V-Day a spa day with an appointment for a mani-pedi, a massage or whatever it is that makes you feel good and taken care of. You are royalty and deserved to be treated as such. Turn off your phone and stop answering those emails, because this time is all about YOU.


Those shoes you’ve been eyeing in the store window? Buy them! Give yourself the gift of that special item you’ve been wanting to purchase but haven’t had the time to get. You don’t need a romantic partner to spoil you with your heart’s desires. If it’s going to make you happy, make that purchase!

Reach Out!

Life can be hectic and sometimes we lose touch with friends and family members who we haven’t seen in a while. Take a moment to reach out to someone special, either via phone or social media, and let them know that you’re thinking about them. They’re going to love and appreciate the gesture, which will make you feel great as well.

Give Back

This Valentine’s Day, remember the people who are less fortunate and choose to do something nice for those around you. Donating your used clothing, taking a shift at a food bank, making a donation to your favorite cause and reading to kids at the library are all great ways to give back and share a little bit of your love with the ones that need it most.

Find Your Passion Project

Take some time to discover (or rediscover!) a hobby! Maybe you’ve always wanted to scrapbook, write poetry or learn a new language. If so, now is the perfect time to start a project that’ll bring you joy long after the holiday is over. Dedicate some time to researching whatever it is you need to start your craft, and then go for it.

Discover Your 2020 Vision

Literally lay out your plans for the future! Make a vision board full of great images and words to describe what you want to accomplish this year! For maximum fun and to make this entertaining, play your favorite show in the background and pour a glass of your favorite drink so you have something fun to watch as well as something to sip on.

Hit the Town!

Spend the holiday with your friends. Go out to eat or see a movie with a group of your favorite people. If you want a more relaxed night, a TV marathon at home is always a fun night. Friend love is just as important as romantic love, so show your pals what they mean to you.

Act of Kindness

Today would be a great day to do something sweet for someone you care about. Offering to babysit so a friend or close relative can go on a date night with their SO or finishing up a family member’s errands for them so they don’t have to are all great ways to lighten the load and show someone that have their back.

Find Your Perfect Match

If you’re interested in dating or forming romantic connections, put yourself out there. Make that online dating profile or find a singles event in your area where you can meet with others. Valentine’s is a day all about love, and if you’re looking to add a little more love in your life, there’s no better day to start than today.

Remember That Today Is Just A Day. Relax!

People put so much pressure on Valentine’s Day to be this huge thing, but in actuality, it’s just another day. Don’t put too much stress on yourself to make it perfect. Whether you’re boo’d up or ridin’ solo, just go with the flow and do something or interact with someone who’s going to make you smile.

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