10 Adorable First Birthday Party Themes

You'll want to keep these party pictures around for a lifetime!

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Cute and Easy Themes for Baby's First Birthday

Your kid may not remember their first birthday but you always will. Here are 10 party themes that will create an unforgettable bash.

One Hit Wonders

Babies love music so why not get creative with the theme and call it One Hit Wonders. You can build a playlist around artists who only had one hit, feature your baby’s favorites or only play songs that talk about the number one. For snacks, go with individually packaged or your number one favorites. Decorations can be anything from records to musical notes!

Nautical Adventure

Ahoy, Mate! Your little sailor is turning one and it’s time to throw a party. There is so much you could do with this theme, like having gummy life preservers and serving snacks in little paper boats. Decorations will likely follow a blue and white theme with plenty of anchors, boats and maybe even a few whales for good measure.

Meet the Baby Animals

Who doesn’t love a down-on-the-farm theme, especially with baby animals. The sky is the limit on this theme. You can set up a little stuffed animal farm for the kids, serve animal crackers and even have a guitarist play kids songs. There are plenty of premade baby animal decorations to buy, or make your own!

Milk and Cookies

What kids don’t love milk and cookies? You can set up a bar with different flavored cookies AND milks to appease the little ones and adults in the audience. Maybe even go as far as having a cookie cake! Decorations can be old-school glass milk jars with cute paper straws. Also try going the extra mile and dress your baby in a cookie monster outfit.

Very Hungry Caterpillar

This Eric Carle book is always a fan favorite amongst the little ones and their parents, and it also makes the perfect setting for a brunch party! Serve up plenty of fruit – because the caterpillar needs fruit to get full – before you serve a slice of cake. Plenty of bright colors make it an eye-catching theme and guests can use paper lanterns to create their own Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Tiny Dancer

Little ballerinas will love this theme and all of the pink that goes with it! Find the cutest tutu, encourage the other little crawlers to put one on, too, and deck the place out in tulle and ribbon. A beautiful pink cake and maybe even macaroons round out the theme.

Blast Off Into Outer Space

It probably feels a bit “out of this world” to be celebrating your baby’s first birthday, so why not embrace that and have an outer space theme. Get out your old science fair supplies, create fun planet decorations and hang glow-in-the-dark stars. Get cute with a planet cake and serve moon pies alongside it.

Everyone’s Favorite Characters

Who doesn’t love Mickey and the gang? Throw some Mickey or Mini ears on the 1-year-old and decorate with all of your favorite characters. This is a great theme for those who want to buy decorations; you’ll be able to find balloons, plates and even snacks that are designed like the famous mouse and his friends.

Announcing the Prince or Princess

Treat your baby like royalty and throw a prince or princess themed fete. A crown is required, of course. Pink or blue balloons, gold glitter or lace – you can really take this party in any direction. Look to your favorite character or create the party in your baby’s own image.

Pick a Color, Any Color

Sometimes, you don’t even need a theme! At 1 years-old, your baby doesn’t really get it, so if you have a color scheme that speaks to you – turn it into a theme. You can do rainbow, confetti, green and blue, pink and purple – whatever you like. Bright colors will stimulate the crowd and you’ll be able to match decorations and food to whatever colors you pick!

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