10 Maternity Must-Haves

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March 10, 2019

Photo By: Lauren Bates

What You’ll Need to Get Through the Next 9 Months

Everything is changing at rapid speed, including your body! Here are a few things that will help make that transition just a bit easier.

Maternity Leggings

With a growing bump, you need material that can flex with your needs. Maternity leggings, in all of their spandex glory, help keep everything in place while remaining soft enough to avoid irritating your skin. They are also a great pick on days you want to be a little more active.

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Belly Band

In your first trimester there will come a time when you aren’t quite ready for full maternity gear, but you definitely can’t button your current pants either. Enter the belly band, the genius invention that allows you to get those last few weeks (or months!) out of your current pants! The nylon and cotton band holds your unbuttoned pants in place with a silicon strip to make sure it doesn’t slip.

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Maternity Pillow

Sleepless nights are likely upon you as you continue to grow, and weird aches and pains creep up. A pregnancy pillow can help you catch some Z's – even if your partner may no longer fit in the bed. These things are like a cloud for your whole body!

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Tummy Honey Butter

Stretching skin can mean a sometimes dry and itchy belly. Massage in some honey for your tummy – think of it like a spa treatment for your bump that will help ease the itching and dryness, and also help combat stretch marks.

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Stylish Jeans

Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean you need to lose all sense of style! The good news is many of your favorite brands make the same jean styles you’d regularly wear – skinny, ripped, wide leg, you name it – with a few accommodations for the growing belly. If you want to invest in a designer pair, rest assure that one or two should do the trick for your entire pregnancy, especially if you’ll be in your later trimester during the summer.

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Prenatal Vitamins

If there were ever a time that was important to make sure to take your vitamins, it’s during pregnancy. These vitamins are super natural and go down easier than most. Take them with food to ease the potency and they’ll help keep you and your growing baby full of the nutrients you both need.

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A Maternity (That Turns into a Nursing) Bra

Your belly isn’t the only thing growing and there may be a point (or multiple points) during your pregnancy when you need a new bra. Once underwire isn’t cutting it, or is cutting you, switch to a good maternity bra. Most double as a nursing bra, which will come in handy if you choose that feeding route.

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Wrap Sweater

You don’t have to go maternity for this one (although you can!), but a good wrap sweater is the perfect thing to throw over any maternity tank or tee if you are cold, and it’s just as easy to take off and shove back in your bag. The sweater is open in the front, so it should last through pregnancy and beyond. It’s also a favorite for post-partum as your body readjusts.

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Maternity/Breastfeeding Tank Tops

Camisoles or tank tops will be your best friend no matter what time of year you are pregnant. They help slim everything down and are the perfect top under any shawl, sweater or shirt.

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There will certainly be a point in your pregnancy when you are always either starving or completely nauseous. Most of the time, both can be subsided by keeping around healthy snacks. Trail mix or bars are a great option to keep you satiated on the go.

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