15 Famous Celeb Moms You Probably Didn't Know Had Tattoos

There are some celeb moms who don't try to hide their tattoos: Angelina Jolie is covered in more than a dozen tats -- everything from the latitude and longitude of where her adopted children are from, to a gothic print tattoo that reads "know your rights" on the back of her neck. But while Jolie might be the most visibly painted lady in Hollywood, there are plenty of A-list moms with less overt tattoos. Here are 15 celeb moms with surprising ink.

May 07, 2015
By: Mara Betsch

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Reese Witherspoon, mom to Ava, Deacon, and Tennessee, has a rather large stomach tattoo of a star with two small birds on either side. She apparently had the star tattoo for several years and added the birds more recently.

Hilary Duff, mother to son Luca, has a tiny bird and the phrase "Stand by me" on her wrist, along with seven other tattoos.

Singer Adele has several small tattoos on her left wrist; the word "Paradise" on her hand; and the letter "A" tattooed behind her ear in honor of her son Angelo.

Britney Spears, who has two children, has the tiniest fairy tattoo on the small of her back.

Former wild child Drew Barrymore has two kids, and several tattoos, including a butterfly on her stomach, a cross on her leg, and a pair of angels on her back.

New mom Scarlett Johansson has a super bright tattoo of a sun rising over the ocean. She won't divulge the meaning behind it but says that it "makes me happy when I look at it." Us too, ScarJo.

Susan Sarandon has her children's initials tattooed on her back and a chain of scrip around her right wrist.

Megan Fox has two kids -- Noah and Bodhi -- with husband Brian Austin Green, and more than a half dozen tattoos. Her most prominent one might be the Shakespeare quote on her right shoulder blade that reads "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies," but she's also got a self-penned poem on her ribcage that reads, "There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART." So emo, Megan!

Jessica Alba's had several tattoos on her neck removed, but she's kept a small pink bow on her lower back in place. Alba, whose kids Honor and Haven are 6 and 3, respectively, also has the Sanskrit word for "lotus" on her right wrist.

Beyonce has the roman numerals IV tattooed on her ring finger, to commemorate her wedding date, April 4. It's also a special reference to her daughter's name Blue Ivy -- get it?

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who has two kids with her husband Freddie Prinze Jr., has four tattoos. The most noticeable is probably the lower back tat she has of two dragonflies.

Christina Aguilera has two children and at least five tattoos, the largest of which is a lower back tattoo in Hebrew that reads "I am to my beloved what my beloved is to me."

Amazingly, Victoria Beckham has a very similar phrase tattooed on her body -- a vertical neck tattoo that reads "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" -- also written in Hebrew. She's believed to have quite a few tats, actually, most of which are related to her husband David Beckham.

Heidi Klum has her ex-husband Seal's name tattoo on her arm, along with the initials of her children. She's allegedly in the process of getting the "Seal" tattoo removed. Who would blame her?

Tori Spelling, mother of four, has one tattoo she might be regretting about now. It's a combination of husband Dean McDermott's wedding vows and a quote from Shakespeare (who knew Shakespeare was so popular among the Hollywood elite?) It reads:

"Journey with me my love / and I promise you my heart
and I promise you my soul / for my bounty is as boundless
as the sea and my love as deep; / the more I give to thee, the more
I have, for both are infinite."

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