5 Clever Uses for Christmas Lights This Holiday Season

These ideas will bring your house to life and give you a cozy holiday vibe this season.

November 28, 2017
By: Kristine Boyd

It's time to dig out all of your holiday boxes and start decorating! There are so many different uses for twinkle lights than just for outside your house. Get creative with your Christmas lights this year and use the extra strands around your home for a festive touch. These ideas will bring your house to life and give you a cozy holiday vibe this season.

Picture Frames

Decorate your picture frames by lining them with twinkle lights. Not only will this add a festive touch to your home, it will make your photos pop! Make this space even more festive by adding a few holiday decorations, like tinsel, around your pictures too!

Hallway Lights

Wrapping your string lights around the banister up the stairs is a great way to bring the holiday spirit to every part of your home! Use colored lights to add a pop to your home d?cor. Not only is this an adorable decoration, but it doubles as a great night light for the whole family!

Vase Decoration

This hack is so easy anyone could do it! Grab a large vase and fill it with Christmas lights. This is perfect to put on your table as a center piece or even off to the side as a night lamp. There are so many ways to customize this hack to fit your own style, so get creative!

Lined Living Room

Line your rooms with twinkle lights just like you would do on the outside of your home. This makes your living space feel so cozy and festive during the holiday season. All you need is hot chocolate and a fire place and you have the perfect set-up for a night in with the family!

DIY Sign

This DIY sign is so easy to make! All you need is a large picture frame, some tape and lights. You can customize this sign to say whatever you want! You can make multiple of these and scatter them around your home for adorable decor!

Whether you're decorating for the holidays or simply want to bring some light into your home, these ideas are perfect! Nothing is more festive and cozy than twinkle lights scattered around your house. Decorating with the family is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. Try out some of these ideas for creative holiday decor this season!

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