An Assistant Principal that Rocked Ciara’s ‘Level Up Challenge’’ at a Pep Rally Got Two Thumbs Up from Students and Singer

This principal's sweet dance moves put the spirit in school spirit.

September 29, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

When the students at Wilson Central High School filled the gymnasium for a pep rally for the football team, they never expected the star of the pep rally would end up being their assistant principal. But her sweet dance moves have earned her a spot as the coolest principal ever in the eyes or her students and the internet-- because we are all loving this viral video.

With the dance team by her side, assistant principal Ranesa Shipman not only had the crowd at the Lebanon, Tennessee school on their feet but she slayed a viral dance challenge that even caught the attention of the superstar that created the dance.

"It was phenomenal," Shipman told ABC News. "When they asked me for the opportunity to dance with them, I was game. I was all go. I will do anything to make my school a better place. I love my kids."

While Shipman's moves are earning her internet fame, it was actually dance team coach Kate Stricklin who put the idea for the performance into motion.

According to coach Stricklin, the performance was top secret and it only took Shipman two practices to completely nail the dance moves. So when the dance team and the assistant principal hit the gymnasium floor to perform, the students erupted in cheers when they realized it was their principal who was rocking the dance.

"Nobody realized it was her, everyone was so excited. It was a fun day for sure," Stricklin said of the pep rally.

Stricklin posted the performance video to Twitter and it caught the eye of another performer. Singer Ciara, who created the dance challenge herself, shared the viral video and captioned the sweet moves with "Love this!"

Us too, Ciara. Us too.

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