5 Babymoon Ideas for Moms Who Want to Relax Before Their Little One Arrives

Plan a pre-baby getaway.

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Treat Yourself

With a baby on the way, you’ll spend lots of time planning and preparing for their arrival and that can (understandably) get overwhelming. Whether or not it’s your first child, things are going to change, so carve out some time to relax by taking a babymoon with your partner, friends or even solo! Check out these five babymoon ideas to get you inspired.

Unwind in Nature or at the Spa

Enjoy the fresh air by visiting a national park and enjoying the peace and quiet. Or, find a nearby spa where you can schedule a prenatal massage, which may help reduce any joint pain or muscle tension you may be experiencing.

Relax by the Water

Studies have shown that just being around water can make people calmer and put them in an almost meditative-like state. Plan a beach vacation where you can spend time simply appreciating the view of an open ocean and maybe even order a mocktail or two.

Visit Your Favorite City

Looking for a little more adventure? Plan a trip to one of your favorite cities–or visit a new one–and revel in all there is to do. Try new restaurants, museums and experiences in the local hot spots.

Check Off a Spot on Your Bucket List

Maybe you’ve been wanting to travel somewhere special but haven’t had the chance to do it. Take this opportunity to make those memories now.

Stay Put with a Staycation

Sometimes the ultimate vacation is a staycation. How often do we take time off of work just to stay home and relax? Not only is it budget-friendly, but it also gives you the chance to spend your days however you want. Some suggestions: make lunch plans with friends, catch up on your favorite shows, or rest and snuggle up with your pet.

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