Before You Buy Anything, Here’s How to Keep Your Kids Entertained with Things You Already Have in Your House

No need to order more toys!

By: Amanda Mushro

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Repurpose What You Have

If you’ve already heard the dreaded words “Mom, I’m bored,” you may be tempted to hop online and spend money on new toys or activities that will keep your kids entertained. However, before you do that, here’s how to turn items you already have at home into hours of family fun. From forts to crafts and even an obstacle course, it’s easier than you think to add some excitement to their day.

Take Inventory

Take a quick inventory of your kids’ closets, bedrooms and wherever else they keep toys in your home. Look for items your kids have never played with, never opened or forgot they had. You’ll probably find a few presents from grandma or old birthday gifts that will feel like brand new toys. What is old is new again!

Build a Fort

Is there anything cooler than playing inside a homemade fort? Grab blankets, pillows and couch cushions, and create an over-the-top fort for your kids to play in. To make this awesome fort even more fun, break out the sleeping bags and camp out.

Get Crafty

No need to buy expensive crafting kits for your kids. You and your little ones can DIY a few fun crafts with basic items you already have at home. Need some inspiration? Here are a few activities your family can bond over.

Boxes of Fun

Instead of recycling the boxes that you have laying around your house, give them to your kids. Let them use their imagination to turn the boxes into rocket ships, boats or whatever they can dream up. Offer crayons and makers and let them make a tiny house from a large box or grab some tape and scissors and help your kids build a castle.

Repackage Toys

If you are looking around your kid’s toy room and wondering how they could ever be bored, it may be time to put a fun spin on their usual toys.

  • Try creating busy bags with toys they already have.
  • Grab Legos or building blocks and give kids daily building challenges.
  • Cut construction paper into different shapes like stars, squares and hearts, and then cut the shapes in half. Let kids match the pieces and put them together with small stickers.
  • Repurpose art supplies for a new kit. Include a small notebook, crayons, colored pencils and stickers, and offer a few prompts for kids to create and get crafty.

Make Games for Kids

From DIY balloon tennis and hockey to a ninja maze and indoor snow, here’s how you can whip up a few games for your kids.

Card Tricks

Break out a deck of cards and teach your kids a few new games. Try solitaire, Texas Hold Em’, Hearts, War, Go Fish or Crazy Eights, to name a few.

Obstacle Course

Help kids burn energy indoors by setting up an obstacle course. Line up their plush toys and have them bob and weave through each. You could also put toy cars in a line and have your kids hop over, or place building blocks in zig-zagging lines and have kids follow along. Then have them try it in the opposite direction.

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