Break a Sweat: 10 Indoor Activities to Help Kids Burn Energy

Here’s how to tire out your kids when stuck inside.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Keep Kids Active

So, what can you do when you’re all stuck inside and your kids are bouncing off the walls? It’s time to get creative and help them burn some energy. From dance parties to DIY games you can make in minutes, here are a few of our favorite activities your kids will love (and be exhausted by)!

Make a Ninja Maze

Grab party streamers or ribbon and tape strands that crisscross down a hallway. Make sure to have some strands high and some low. Then have kids try to go through the maze without touching the “lasers.”

Have a Dance Party

Turn on some music or stream a video from and let your kids dance out their energy. Join the party too! Your kids will love having you as a dance partner.

Make Balloon Tennis

Start this game by taping paper plates to wooden spoons or spatulas and blowing up a few balloons. Have kids hit the balloons with their paper plate racquets during a quick tennis match that is indoor-friendly.

Tape Obstacle Course

Using painter’s tape or crafting tape, create an obstacle course for kids to follow. Zig and zag the tape in one direction, then have kids walk backwards or hop in another direction. Time kids to see how quickly they can complete the course or create a relay race where you jump in.

Post It Toss

Grab some Post It notes or make your own by cutting out small pieces of paper and putting tape on the back. Place them on a door and be sure to spread them out. Then, give your kids a bean bag or soft ball. Have them stand a few feet away from the door and let them toss the beanbag or ball at the paper. You can make up points for each piece of paper, or offer a challenge like, see if you can hit the papers 10 times.

Cup Stack

Put a pile of plastic cups at one end of the room and another pile on the opposite end. Challenge your kids to quickly create a tower out of the cups and then run to the other pile and create a new tower. For older kids, add pieces of cardboard so they can stack everything high.

DIY Ball Toss

If going outside to shoot some hoops isn’t an option, make your own ball toss from a laundry basket and a few small balls. Attach the laundry basket to a door or place it on the stairs and have kids take turns tossing balls into the basket.

Look at Me!

Let your kids put on a show while you play an audience member. Tell kids to show off their skills—jumping, running, crazy dance moves or whatever else will make everyone laugh and burn off some energy.

Cotton Ball Crawl

Start by dumping a pile of cotton balls on the floor in one room and place an empty bowl on the floor in another. Then, using a spoon and crawling on their hands and knees, have your child move all the cotton balls from their room into the bowl. Set a timer for three to four minutes to make it even more challenging.

Puzzle Piece Scavenger Hunt

Hide pieces of a puzzle around your house and let your little ones try to find all of the pieces. Just be sure you remember where you put each piece!

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