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If you are looking for creative ways to keep your kids entertained and also learning, podcasts are a great option. From science to storytelling and even answering the age-old question “Why?”, podcasts offer insights into topics your kids will love learning about. As an added bonus, you can listen right along with your kids. So, grab your phones, turn up the volume and tune into a few episodes today.

Wow in the World | Elementary School Age

This is a science podcast that kids will love because of its fun and energetic hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, who take kids on adventures in science and technology. There will be lots of laughs and lots of learning, and your kids will want to listen to every episode.

Stuff You Should Know | Teens and Tweens

By tackling mythological questions and answering how cult deprograming works, Stuff You Should Know will grab your teen’s attention, give them tons of new and interesting knowledge, and encourage them to listen more. With nearly 1,000 episodes in their archives, there are plenty of topics to dive into.

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids | Elementary School Age

If your kids are always asking you “Why?” then this is the podcast for them. Curious kids write into the show and the hosts create episodes answering the questions, like “Why do we have nightmares?” and “Do animals get married?”

Who Would Win | Teens and Tweens

Have you ever wondered who would win in an epic battle between Harley Quinn and Black Widow or maybe Luke Skywalker and Spiderman? In this podcast, the hosts debate how battles would play out between comic, sci-fi and fantasy characters. This is a great option for fans of these genres and may inspire your kids to create their own characters or come up with their next topic for a debate.

Story Pirates | Elementary School Age

Get ready for some silly fun with this podcast. In each episode, the Story Pirates, who are a group of improvisers, read and act out stories written and submitted by kids. The result? Hilarious reenactments that will make everyone laugh. Kids can also expect original songs and famous guest stars who pop up in episodes. Kids can submit their stories to be read on the podcast, and work on their creative writing skills.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text | Teens and Tweens

If you know a Harry Potter fan, this is the podcast for them. Each episode breaks down a chapter in each book, explores themes and examines parts of the novel fans may not have considered.

Circle Round | Elementary School Age

Each episode of Circle Round involves a gentle, engaging and calming story time. Narrator Rebecca Sheir tells a lesser-known folktale or story from around the world. Keep an ear open for the talented cast, as well as the famous actors who lend their voice to tell the stories. This is a great podcast that will calm kids down during the day or before bed.

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel | Teens and Tweens

Designed with tweens in mind, this serial mystery podcast has a real Goonies feel to it. With three seasons, listeners will have plenty of episodes to keep them engaged. It may even inspire some your kids to write their own mystery.

Tumble | Elementary School Age

Parents who are fans of Radiolab will dig this podcast for kids because of its similar, but kid-friendly, topics and format. Tumble tackles topics that kids will find fascinating, and it teaches and explains them in a way that will foster a love for all things science.

Science Friday | Teens and Tweens

This podcast covers a variety of science topics, including fascinating info on technology and other cool ideas that your teen or tween will enjoy learning about. From coral reef restoration to the first Apollo moon landing, the podcast gives an inside look into topics and interviews that experts in the field teach and explain.

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