Fun Indoor Activities for When It’s Too Cold to Play Outside

We have some fun creative ideas to get your kids busy this winter. From forts to fun DIYs, your children are sure to stay occupied without the great outdoors!

January 12, 2018
By: Kristine Boyd

The temperature is dropping and kids are getting antsy indoors. When playing outside isn't an option, it can feel impossible to try and entertain children. You might be feeling like you've played every game and used every trick in the book. Not to worry! We have some fun creative ideas to get your kids busy this winter. From forts to fun DIYs, your children are sure to stay occupied without the great outdoors!

Bake something simple

Baking can seem like a mess waiting to happen, but if you chose simple recipes, it can be a fun way to keep kids entertained. You can make no bake cookies or any kind of sweet bread mix. This is a fun way for kids to get in the kitchen and learn new skills!

Build a fort

Building a fort will keep kids occupied for hours. Have them run around the house and collect pillows and blankets. Then you can help them build a big fort in the living room. Once the fort is built, they can spread out more pillows and blankets to lay down and watch a movie or play games. They will love this!

Have a fashion show

Let your children raid their closets to put together an at-home fashion show. Set up a runway in one of the hallways in the house and let them do the rest. They will have so much fun picking different crazy and fun outfits to wear! This is a great way to spark some creativity as well!

Write letters

On a cold, rainy day writing letters inside to relatives is the perfect activity. Spread out a bunch of papers and markers and let their imagination run wild! They can write upcoming birthday cards or simple greetings to relatives that they don't see often. They will have fun drawing pictures and decorating envelopes all day!

Tackle a puzzle as a family

Pick a puzzle that is a little more challenging for the kids and tackle it as a family! This is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family. By choosing a slightly more difficult puzzle, the kids will be at it for hours! Just throw on movies in the background and provide plenty of delicious snacks!

Scavenger hunt

Grab pen and paper and create your kids a household scavenger hunt! They will have so much fun looking for different things around the house. You can even go as far to make it a treasure hunt where one item leads to the next until the locate a prize! This is a great way indoor activity any time of year!

Whether it's too cold, too hot or rainy, these indoor activities are the perfect way to keep kids entertained all day long. No more boredom inside the house! Get the kids moving and having fun with these creative activities.

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