10 Great Date Night Ideas for Parents with Kids

Get a sitter because mom and dad are going out!

By: Amanda Mushro

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Ideas that Aren’t Dinner and a Movie

Sneaking in a date night when you have kids isn’t always easy. But if you’re looking at your partner wondering when was the last time we actually went on a date, it’s time to find a babysitter and hit the town. Skip the usual dinner and a movie and add a little excitement to date night. You’re kid-free—for a few hours at least—and it’s time to enjoy adult time with your honey. Need some inspiration? Here are a few date night ideas that are perfect for quality time.

Go to a Concert or a Live Show

Grab tickets to see the band you both loved to listen to before your kids took over the music in your house or sneak away to see a small live show from some local talent. Let loose and enjoy time with your love.

Cooking for Two

If your meals are mostly kid-friendly these days and you are looking for a date night that means you don’t have to cut up anyone’s food, try indulging in a delicious meal that you can make together in a cooking class. You get some quality time with your partner and neither of you has to do the dishes.

Double Date

Now this one takes a little more planning, but it’s so worth it. Coordinate your schedules and make date night a double date with another couple you both adore. At the end of the night, you’ll be so glad you went out and will want to sync up your calendars again for the next night out.

Try Something New

Step out of your comfort zones and try something new together. From a murder mystery dinner to an escape room or even paintball, take the plunge and make date night an opportunity to experience something new as a couple. Even if the night doesn’t go as planned, you’ll have a blast because you are together. And kid-free!

Day Date

Sometimes it’s easier to find a sitter during the day and that’s perfect because, let’s be honest, most nights we want to go to bed as soon as our kids head off to dream land. So hit the town during the day and take advantage of discounts on food, drinks and even mid-day movies.

Take a Hike

Even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as the outdoorsy couple, getting out for some fresh air is good for everyone. So, lace up your boots or sneakers, grab two water bottles and take advantage of the great outdoors. Go for a hike, a bike ride or even just a sunset stroll together. You can take time to appreciate the view and the company.

Date Night at Home

Can’t find a sitter but still want some quality time with your love? Then bring date night to your house. Send the kids to bed early and try one of these date night at home ideas.

Take Turns

Does it feel like you have to make a million decisions all day long? Are you the couple that can’t agree on a restaurant? Are your tastes in movies and music completely different? Perfect! Then for this date night, let the other person choose everything. From where you go to what you’ll do. The only rule is that other person has to agree to the fun-filled night and the next date night is theirs to plan.

Get Sporty

From a trip to the driving range—or even mini-golf—to a few hours at the batting cages or grabbing tickets to see your favorite sports team play, get your date night and your cheer on for a sporty-themed night out. Have some fun and let your competitive side shine.

Make it a Mini Date

Take time out of your normal day to sneak in a mini date. Can you both get away during lunch for a quick meal together? Can you skip out early from the PTA meeting at your kids’ school to grab a drink? Are your kids busy hanging with their grandparents? Then now is the time to grab your keys and your partner and get some quality time together. Making time in your busy schedules is an investment in your relationship and one you’ll want to make a priority.

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