Halloween Candies That Will Keep the Milk Flowing While Breastfeeding

These candies will help with your milk production while breastfeeding!

October 03, 2017
By: TLCme

Ladies, rejoice - we have some good news in the world of breastfeeding. Of course, we all know (ish) that healthy foods are what keep the milk flowing, but turns out certain candies can aid in the process according to Romper.

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These yummy little guys contain prolactin, which increases milk supply. So don't be shy, have a couple (or a whole box).

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Yup, that's right, CANDY CORN. According to ingredients, candy corn contains sesame oil, which helps with milk supply, according to She Knows and Romper.

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And of course, cow's milk found in milk chocolate - the master of milk production. So grab a handful and enjoy guilt-free!

Now, of course, we aren't doctors but we know everything is best in moderation -- and now you have an excuse when you eat a (or a couple) of fun-sized Halloween treats!

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