Here's How to Celebrate Pride With Your Kids

There are plenty of ways to teach your kids about Pride and celebrate as a family.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Celebrate Pride as a Family

Celebrating Pride is more than just parades and rainbow flags. It’s a great time to talk to your kids about LGBTQ experiences and help them understand kindness, diversity and accepting others for who they truly are. And if you get to do all this while having fun with your kids, that’s a win for everyone!

Whether you're looking for ways to include your kids in some of the month-long Pride celebrations or just looking to teach acceptance all year long, here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Start with Story Time

Check out your local library's Pride Month book selection. (Check the library's website for hours and regulations that may have been affected by COVID-19).

Need some more book ideas? Here’s a list of great reads for younger kids.

Take a Pledge

Check out the It Gets Better Project with your kids. Watch videos from people who know “it gets better” and even take the pledge as a family to speak up against hate and intolerance whenever and wherever you see it.

Find a Family-Friendly Pride Event

Check out local events and their safety guidelines for kids of all ages who want to participate in the festivities.

Celebrate with Pride Gear

Some of your favorite stores carry rainbow paraphernalia that is perfect for Pride month. From clothes and accessories to rainbow gear for your pets, deck out the entire family in rainbows all month long. You can even share with your kids the history of the rainbow flag and why you're proud to wear it!

Get Your Craft On

If your kids love an excuse to get crafty, use the rainbow symbol as inspiration. Projects can include rainbow slime, rainbow tie dye shirts and even rainbow beaded bracelets. There are plenty of crafts to keep your kids entertained and learning all month long.

Use Resources to Help Teach Your Kids

If you are looking for ways to talk to your kids about the history of Pride and why it is so important to champion equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and other gender-fluid folks, there are many amazing, age-appropriate resources created by teachers and organizations like the Human Rights Campaign.

Learn About LGBTQ Leaders and Activists

Take the time to do research with your kids about LGBTQ leaders and allies who have made a difference in history. From Harvey Milk to Marsha P. Johnson, there is no shortage of American icons who led the fight for equality.

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