Hilarious Parents Tweet About the School Drop-Off Line

Parents, it’s a jungle out there.

By: Amanda Mushro


Young boy takes lunch from mother in carpool line. His mom hands him his brown paper bag lunch as he smiles at her. She is dropping him off at his elementary school.

Photo by: SDI Productions

SDI Productions

Parents of a school-aged children know the school drop-off line is no joke. Families have to get there early, avoid messing around when it’s their turn and always pull-forward—that last one is a must. So if you are getting ready to pick up your kiddo, check out a few tweets from some very funny parents who know all about the highs, lows and LOLs of school drop-offs.

Rookie move, mom. Rookie move.

Come on, Karen!

I call this my “I didn’t plan on getting out of the car” look.

I’m not like regular moms. I’m a cool mom.

We don’t have time for this nonsense!

Consider your time in line “me time.”

Why is this system so hard?

Moms and Dads are just different.

Ugh, so close.

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