How to Keep the Cost Down While Planning Your Kid's Birthday Party

Before you spend the big bucks, consider these tips to stay under budget.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Birthdays on a Buget

Before your kid blows out the candles on their next birthday cake, take a step back from Pinterest and consider how to plan a super fun party that your birthday boy or girl will love, but that won’t break the bank. A simple party can go from festive and fun to out of control really quickly. From the invites to the cake, here’s how to keep the cost down while planning a celebration.

Stick to Solid Décor

Rather than picking decorations with characters from your kid’s favorite TV show or movie, check the prices on solid colored products. You can save a lot of money by buying plain items and having their favorite character on the cake instead.

Pick a Time Between Meals

Rather than hosting a meal, strategically choose a party time that is between lunch and dinner. This way you can offer cake, ice cream and small snacks.

Find a Free Venue

This one can save you a lot of money – host the party at home. Sure, you’ll have to do some cleaning before and after, but you won’t have to pay for a venue. Or, if you aren’t crazy about having a party at home, choose a park or playground where guests can meet the birthday boy or girl.

Send Email Invites

Those handmade invites you are thinking of ordering sure are cute, but invites sent through email are free and will save you time and money.

Cut Down on the Invite List

If you can, only invite a few kids instead of hosting the whole class. Your dollar will go farther with less party guests. However, if you still want to do something for all of your son or daughter’s classmates, ask the teacher if you can send in a treat on your child’s birthday.

Party Plan on a Budget

There are many affordable ways to keep party goers happy and entertained. From making up your own games and using what you already have at home, to just letting the kids dance to some fun music. Either way, you can fill the time without spending a ton.

Skip the Goodie Bags

Let’s get real here for a minute. There isn’t a parent out there that will not be thrilled upon hearing you say “nope” to the goodie bags. No one needs more junk in their house, or in their car, because most goodie bag contents get lost on the ride home. Kids don’t need more candy, treats or tiny toys, even if they coordinate with the theme of the party. Goodie bags can quickly cost you a small fortune and blow your budget. If you really don’t want guest leaving without something in their hands, turn an activity or craft from the party into the parting gift instead of giving out an actual goodie bag.

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