Innovations, Apps and Technology That Will Make Parents’ Lives Easier

Save time and energy.

Photo By: Westend61

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Photo By: Westend61

Be Prepared for This School Year

Back to school often requires a lot of preparation–even if classes are held in your living room. From appointments to school shopping, supply ordering and an influx of making more meals, this can feel like a hectic time. Luckily, innovation hasn’t stopped and there are some great technologies out there that make it easier for parents to get things done. Here are some of our favorite life savers.

Jenzy: For School Shoes

Regardless of whether school is in person or at home, there is a high likelihood that your kids will need new shoes. Although it’s always been relatively simple to order shoes online, the trickiest part with kids is sizing their feet. Enter Jenzy where you can measure your kid's shoe size with the back of a credit card. You’ll take a quick quiz and Jenzy will walk you through the easy steps of aligning your child’s foot with a credit card swipe and taking a few photos–i.e. measurements. You can then choose from a selection of shoes that align with the fit. Choose what you want, and they’ll be shipped. It’s that easy!

Fitz: For Eyeglasses

For many kids, back to school means glasses. Whether it’s a first time prescription pair or blue light lenses, Fitz allows kids to virtually try on frames through their app. The glasses are then laser cut and 3D printed before being shipped directly to your door!

Tovala: For Dinner Without Thinking

Getting dinner on the table is always a feat but, when kids are back to school or running to sports and extra-curriculars, it can feel extra daunting. Tovala makes it super easy. They provide the oven and the meals for you. All you do is pick the food, scan the QR code and dinner is prepared to perfection. They even have QR codes for many of your favorite frozen foods for those nights, and you can utilize the oven for anything you’d normally roast, toast, steam or bake!

Libby: For Quick Access to Books

How many times have your kids forgotten to mention that they needed a certain book? Or, even better, how often do you you crawl into bed while wishing you could zone out with a good story. The Libby app is here for all of that, plus reference books, cookbooks, etc. in a way similar to your local library. In fact, all you need is a library card for access to renting both e-books and audiobooks in a variety of topics for FREE. This will become a huge time saver for those last minute, “Mom I need those books!” moments.

Photomath: For Help Teaching

We know that our schools don’t expect us to fully fill the role of teachers but, if we are being honest, solving math problems isn’t like it used to be. There is certainly different methodology now (and foggier brains). Photomath is here to offer just a little bit of help. Take a photo of your kid’s math problem and it’ll give you step by step instructions on how to solve the equation in a variety of ways. Think of it as a tutor in your pocket!

1Password: To Keep Track of the Gazillion Passwords You Need

Maybe it’s only me, but there are definitely hours of each day where I need to log into something, and I can’t remember my password or my kids’ passwords for their various school sites. Writing them on a piece of paper doesn’t help and storing them in a word doc doesn’t seem very secure. Enter 1password, a secure app that allows you to store all of your passwords. It is well organized and also helps you create stronger passwords.

Sleep Cycle: To Help with More Restful Sleep and a More Energetic Morning

There is a lot to be stressed about right now and, for many people, it’s impacting their sleep. Even if you are getting enough hours, it may not be filled with the right kind of sleep. Sleep Cycle is something you don’t have to wear on your body, just leave your phone on your nightstand and it’ll analyze the type of sleep you are getting and give you suggestions on how to improve it. There is also an alarm clock that will wake you in the morning when you are in your lightest sleep cycle, making for a more energetic wakeup. Have trouble falling asleep? Restful sleep songs and stories are available to help with that.

Skylight Calendar: To Keep Track of Everybody’s Calendars

We’d venture to guess that this Fall, there is more coordination needed than ever. Although everyone may need a separate calendar, it’s nice to have a place where they all sync together. The Skylight Calendar allows you to sync your Google or Outlook calendar and it’ll appear color coded on a digital frame. Keep it in the kitchen or mudroom and the whole family can get a weekly glance of who is where and when.

Peloton App: For When You Only Have a Few Minutes to Work Out

It’s hard to squeeze in a workout during normal times and, with people shying away from going to the gym, it feels even more imperative to have a home option. Most people think of bikes when they think of Peloton but the app itself is inexpensive with a plethora of workout options. For $12.99 a month after a 30-day free trial, you have access to strength classes, yoga, meditation, outdoor classes and so much more. They even have plenty of bodyweight classes that require no equipment, offering lengths of 5 minutes to an hour plus.

Ink: For Sending Cards and Thank You Notes

Now more than ever, it’s nice to let someone know how much you appreciate them with a personalized card. Ink allows you to make birthday cards, thank you notes and more just with a few clicks. You can add your own photos, set the date you want it sent out and more, all from your phone. No longer do you have to say, “Oh no, I forgot to get a card for…” It’s right at your fingertips.

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