11 Instagram Moms with Incredible Playroom Style

These beautiful spaces give us major playroom envy! Flip through for inspiration, and assume that they never look this perfectly clean and organized IRL.

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Playroom Inspiration

Are you designing your little one’s playroom? Swipe through these awe-inspiring designs!

Casey and Kurtis’ Playroom


Wow! Step into the playroom by Casey, a former elementary school teacher, with her husband Kurtis and their three kids, Lilly, Elliot and Audrey. Not only does their huge room boast a tactile, imaginative cornucopia of playful settings, but it rotates its workshops and toys. Casey and Kurtis sell their playsets and printables, and their kits come complete with signs for price lists and goods for kids to set up on shelves. Because the couple has children who are 1, 3 and 5 years old, they know exactly what toys each age group would enjoy.

Nelly’s Playroom


Nelly is an Insta-mom extraordinaire to a 4-year-old boy and 2-year-old twin girls, and she’s skilled in simple play. Nelly switches out the playroom every two to three weeks and focuses on baby-led learning by following her children’s lead on what they’re interested in. Her playroom tours include plenty of wooden odds and ends like big buttons, rainbow Grimms and figurines. From colorful sink play with common objects like apple peels, to learning toys like counting cards, Nelly’s simple play is both creative and inspiring.

Lana’s Playroom


Lana is big on sensory play with her mini bosses. They feel through the seasons by playing with pumpkin goo, dyed spaghetti noodles and colorful rice. For her, it’s all about letting them get their hands dirty–whether indoors or outside. Her outdoor playland is nothing short of a kid amusement park with a trampoline, picnic table, swing set, slide and climbing ropes. Inside, a children’s bookstore complete with reading stations and organized reading bins keep her kids interested in literature.

Megan’s Playroom


As a stellar mom and former teacher, Megan has an incredibly organized playroom. She even created a visual schedule pegboard to introduce her daughter to their weekly schedule.

From transforming IKEA weaving looms into visual easels to not shying away from the mess of artful pouring stations, Megan is focused on fomenting creativity in her little ones.

Sam’s Playroom


When creating a world for kids, get on their level, right? Sam has created a miniature universe nearly beyond belief, with mini furniture, a tiny arc of miniature animals and a small forest scene table complete with a bridge, pond and deer.

Shannon’s Playroom


This mom’s playroom is stacked! From a medieval castle play setup to mythical mermaid play and a sensory table featuring a woodland creature habitat, Shannon works hard to nurture her children’s immersive play. She also isn’t afraid to use unconventional items like shaving cream. Shannon buries intriguing objects like holiday-themed erasers into Tupperware containers full of shaving cream and lets her kids find them. She’s brilliant with simple, DIY color sorting games that you can make with nothing but toilet paper tubes, pom-poms and paint. Many of her play setups nurture the fine motor skills that preschoolers work on developing.

Cina’s Playroom


Cina is a mom who’s fond of her beautiful, colorfully imaginative tactile playroom and her at-home bookstore, but she’s also all about the self-help skills, which encourages the kids to take charge of daily living. Her outdoor eating area has a station that doesn’t look so different from a play shelf, but it creates an opportunity for her kids to pour their own water, put on sunscreen, access napkins and paper towels and engage in daily simplicities.

Chelsea’s Playroom


Chelsea has got her hands full with babes, and her playroom inspires child-led learning with butterfly prints, a magnifying glass, tweezers and biology books. Chelsea also connects holidays like Halloween to books and art projects in a way that’s inspiring to every mom and her baby bookworms.

Kate’s Playroom


Kate and her kids enjoy open-ended toys like Grimms, peg people and Grapat mates, which allows them to explore a world in which there’s not an exact snap or missing puzzle piece, but an opportunity to choose and imagine each step of play. Kate also brings musical instruments into Charlie’s play universe, including tambourines, maracas, bells, harmonicas and xylophones. What’s interesting about Kate’s methods is that she doesn’t hesitate to transform public areas into a children’s playroom with real-world applications, like bringing a toddler shopping cart to the garden store to have her son help shop for seeds.

Bec, Ella & Coco’s Playroom


Are you a mom who’s more into wood toys than plastic? Bec, Ella & Coco like to collect quality wood toys that the kids will be able to pass on to their children, like this beautiful multi-sensory wood walker and these wooden animal blocks.

Ange & Zoe’s Playroom


Ah, the dreaded #TummyTime. Don’t fret; Ange knows how to make Tummy Time fun with sensory bags full of water and simple visuals like colorful straws. She creates colorful baby tents with scarves and uses common items like rocks and wood to teach her baby about the natural world. This Canadian mom shows us that we don’t need to spend a lot of money to be creative with our kids.

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