It’s National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day- Here’s Tips to Encourage Your Tiny Chefs

Let the kids lead the way in the kitchen!

September 12, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro


happy family funny kids are preparing the dough, bake cookies in the kitchen

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Today is a good day to have too many cooks in the kitchen because it’s National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day. So pass out the aprons and grab a few extra spoons and bowls because today you are going to have a few tiny chefs to help you prep and make meals and snacks. Not sure your kids are ready to take on these duties? Here’s a few way to encourage and inspire their inner chef.

Let Them Plan and Shop- Kids love options so let them pick out the recipes—within reason of course! Make a list of what you will need and then take the kids to grocery shop for the ingredients. Your kids will love the independent feelings of planning and shopping with you, and this might make grocery shopping with kids an enjoyable experience—maybe.

Print Out The Recipe- If you’re like me, I use my phone or tablet when I’m following a recipe, but when you are cooking with your kids, having a printed version can be helpful. A quick search on Pinterest and you will probably find kid-friendly versions that have larger print, fewer words, and even pictures. Since learning how to read and follow a recipe is key to cooking success, this tip will really help your kids.

Talk about Kitchen Safety- From washing their hands to being careful around the stove and when using knives, be sure to let them know how to have fun but stay safe in the kitchen.

Let Them Do More Than Just Stir- From measuring, pouring, mixing, and even cutting and chopping, let your kids actually help! Believe me, there have been times I have wanted to rush through making something or have been nervous that my kids are getting heavy handed with the seasoning, but part of the fun of cooking is really cooking. So supervise and help but let them really get their hands into making the meal.

Expect a Mess- Things are probably going to get messy, and that’s OK. Part of cooking is also cleaning, so teach your kids exactly how to clean up. Before they wash their hands and run out of the kitchen, make sure the kids are cleaning with you.

Need some recipe inspiration? Why not try these pizza bagels, cheese puffs, or no-bake snacks.

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