Jessica Alba Shares the Most Relatable New Mom Selfie Breastfeeding in a Dressing Room

When Jessica Alba posted a pic of the random place she found herself nursing...a Target dressing room, we are all "Yup. We get it, Mamma."

February 26, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

Oh, the joys of those early months of motherhood. Not a lot of sleep, too much coffee and you often find yourself nursing your baby in places you never imagined. In the car, at a store, and even at the playground--new moms just make it work wherever they are.

While we often think of celebrity moms as looking fabulous and feeling great as soon they give birth, we love when a celeb mom gets real. So when Jessica Alba posted a pic of the random place she found herself nursing, we are all "Yup. We get it, Mamma."

Last weekend, Alba shared a selfie to her Instagram story showing her and seven-week-old baby Hayes in a Target. The caption read "Tired eyes" and "Breastfeeding in a Target dressing room." Since Alba has three kids, we know that sneaking away for a few precious moments to Target is essential for sanity and survival. But when your baby has to eat, you've got to feed them.

The 36-year-old actress and entrepreneur has championed breastfeeding in public and has often shared snaps of herself nursing her little boy on her social media accounts.

Target has a mom-friendly breastfeeding policy that supports nursing "in any area of our stores, including our fitting rooms, even if others are waiting." Some Targets are even testing out designated nursing stations at some locations that are loaded with comfy chairs in a quiet space. Now that is something we'd love to see more of! If only new moms could catch a quick nap at Target before they hit the aisles. Now that would be a new moms dream come true.

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