Mess-Free Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Say yes to Thanksgiving crafts without a big clean up.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving crafts are the absolute cutest, but you know what isn’t so cute? Cleaning up a big mess afterward. With Turkey Day around the corner, your kids may be itching to break out the scissors and glue sticks, but you can feel good about saying “yes” because these craft ideas will leave little to no mess behind.

Paper Stripes Pumpkin

You’ve already carved pumpkins and maybe even painted a few. Try something new this Thanksgiving by making a striped pumpkin. For this masterpiece, all your kids will need is a few strips of craft paper, sheets of white paper, scissors and a glue stick.

Turkey Hat

This adorable hat is an easy craft that kids of all ages will love to make and wear. For ease, all parts of the hat can be found in this printable. Just print, cut, paste and wear!

Mess-Free Leaf Painting

Here’s how your kids can paint without making a mess. Start by scooping paint into a plastic freezer bag and sealing it with tape. Then, cut a leaf shape out of paper and place the paper on top of the paint bag. Now your kids can squish, push and doodle in the paint without getting it all over themselves and the house.

Gratitude Tree

This is a great craft for kids who are thinking about the Thanksgiving holiday season and conveniently only requires everyday household items.

Paint Chip Turkey

If you have to make a trip to a home improvement store with your kids, let them grab a few paint strips for this craft. Then when you get home, combine then with a paper towel roll to create this adorable turkey.

Leaf Family

Whether you use real leaves, paper or plastic, this mini family is super easy to make and a fun activity for your kids to play with.

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