Move Over, Promposals: Godparent Proposals Are the Next Over-the-Top Trend

Yes, godparent proposals are a thing.

By: Amanda Mushro


Young parents at the church with their baby wearing a christening gown

Photo by: kzenon


There is a lot that new parents have to juggle — late-night feedings, feeling tired all day, and just figuring out how to be a parent. But now they may have another duty on their hands — planning an elaborate way to pop the question to their child’s future godparent.

According to the Pinterest 100: The Top Trends for 2019 Report, searches for “godparent proposals” are up 152%. Apparently gone are the days where moms and dads could simply ask a friend or family member to stand by their side at a baby’s baptism. With the trend of viral “promposals” and bridesmaids proposals showing no signs of fading, it was only a matter of time before new parents jumped in on upping their proposal game.

So what are godparent proposals? A quick search on Pinterest or Etsy and you can find a wide range of inspiration. From beautiful and sometimes funny cards, elaborate gifts like personalized puzzles or wine bottles, and even videos of well-planned surprises that involve balloons, confetti, and tears, godparent proposals range from extra to extra-extra. After all, who could say no to a proposal when it involves an adorable newborn wearing a personalized onesie that read “Every prince needs a fairy godmother. Will you be mine?” Come on, that’s just cute.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love a sweet viral video of a promposal, and when someone comes up with a special way to propose to their partner — cue the waterworks. However, I’m not sold on the idea of grandparent proposals just yet. A nice card I can handle, but an over-the-top surprise proposal seems like a lot of work for any new parent. Especially a parent that might not remember the last time they slept for more than two hours.

However, Pinterest is predicting that this trend will continue to grow this year. So we all can expect to see how new parents show their creative side with over-the-top godparent proposals. But if it means more viral videos of cute babies, I’m cool with that.

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