Must-Have Items to Get Your Baby to Sleep

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January 31, 2019

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More Sleep for All!

Sleepless nights are frequent for new parents, but these items can help babies (and adults!) get just a little more rest.

Velcro Swaddles

Babies love to feel comforted out of the womb and the swaddle is a great way to help them feel cozy. We love these because they take the difficulty out of swaddling – just put the baby in and Velcro them up. It makes the middle of the night just a little less exhausting.

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White Noise or Sound Machine

Babies often need noise to sleep and this rechargeable (and portable) sound machine makes it easy for that to happen. Choose from various white noise options or stream your own music. The speaker can be set to unlimited or specific time durations. It is also easy to travel with or clip onto your stroller for sleep on the go!

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A humidifier may not be the most glamorous accessory, but when the air is super dry or when baby has a cold, it can be a lifesaver to get a good night sleep. We love these Crane humidifiers because they come in adorable animal styles – perfect for adding to the already adorable nursery.

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Magnetic Me Sleepers

Changing diapers in the middle of the night is inevitable with newborns, so why not make it as easy as possible? These sleepers are made with magnetic buttons so it’s a simple open and shut when changing baby – no zippers or snaps to fiddle with in the dark. Plus, they come in super cute patterns.

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Baby Deedee Sleep Nest

Part sleep sack, part duvet, this will keep your baby cozy and warm once they’ve left the swaddle stage, without the worry of loose blankets. They are big enough that they can last baby for a while. The sleep nests come in bright colors and various weights perfect for different seasons.

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Blackout Shades

Newborns often get confused about night and day, so blackout shades make the perfect accessory to help them learn when to sleep. If you aren’t ready to permanently install, these come with handy suction cups that can be taken down or even transferred to another room.

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Baby Monitor

A good monitor may not help baby sleep better, but being able to roll over and check the monitor to make sure baby is ok will give some well-needed peace of mind to parents. Make sure to choose one where you can move the camera – babies can be squirmy!

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WubbaNub Pacifiers

Many little ones get attached to their pacifiers and need them to sleep. The WubbaNub has an adorable stuffed animal attached to the paci, making it easier for babies to grasp and put back into their mouth when it falls out, making for fewer late-night cries.

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Muslin Blankets

These versatile blankets are essential items to have on hand for a variety of baby sleep situations. They make stellar swaddles when you have the time to wrap baby like a burrito, they are a great blanket to throw on the carpet for a quick rest at friends' places and they make a great breathable cover for the stroller when you just want baby to sleep on the go! There are tons of great patterns to choose from and they get softer with each wash.

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If All Else Fails: Baby Sleep Book

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a reference book if all else seems to be failing. Harvey Karp’s is always a stalwart and this book adds a little humor into an already stressful experience.

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