Oh, Baby! 10 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Looking for a way to share your baby news with family and friends? Get inspired by these pregnancy announcement ideas.

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We’re Having a Baby!

Saying those words is such a special moment, and there are ways to make it fun and unique. Click through for ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

All in the Family

The cat—or dog—is out of the bag! When the time comes to tell your loved ones about your baby on the way, consider ways to include your four-legged family member.

Spell it Out

Keep your announcement cute and to the point by simply spelling it out on a fun letterboard. If you already have kids, you can get them involved, too.

A Surprise Photoshoot

This woman hired a photographer to take photos of the emotional moment when she surprised her partner with their pregnancy news. Share that special moment by making those photos a part of your announcement.

Get Illustrated

Not into photoshoots? Commission a designer to create a hand-drawn announcement that you can send to your friends and family.

Cook Something Up

Serve up your announcement over a meal and make it extra special by spelling it out with delicious food.

Sweet Surprise

Or, even better, cap off your meal by sharing your news over dessert with a sweet treat like cake or these custom cookies.

Your Favorite Things

Love music? Then make it a part of your special announcement. You’ll enjoy the process even more by making it personal to you.

Have a Happy Holiday

You’ve probably already seen holiday pregnancy announcements for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but if that timing doesn’t work for you, try incorporating other holidays throughout the year—such as Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day—into your big reveal.

Picture Perfect

Sharing an ultrasound photo is the classic way to share the news, but you can also have fun with it by incorporating the image into a photo shoot with a cute message or phrase.

Show the Journey

If you’re comfortable, you can show just how much you have gone through to get pregnant by sharing your journey in a compelling and visual way. It’s not something all couples may want to talk about openly, but it could make sharing your news that much more special.

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