Parenting Win of the Week: What Is a Parenting Win?

Join our mission to focus more on the successes and less on the "fails" we encounter in parenthood.



Daughter giving a mother a gold medal in public park

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When was the last time you told yourself you were doing a good job? I’d venture to say most people are quicker to point out when we aren’t. Especially in parenthood. (Raises hand high!)

We focus on all of the #parentingfails more than the successes. And some of those parenting fails have us in stitches — the first time your baby has a blowout when you aren’t prepared, when your toddler blurts out a word they shouldn’t say, or when your school-age kid does something mortifyingly embarrassing that you can’t wait to remind them of when they are older.

However, we also spend a lot of time laying the guilt on ourselves for yelling when we didn’t want to, allowing too much screen time, or even forgetting to put something important in their backpack.

We don’t spend nearly enough time thinking of our parenting wins. Sure, we celebrate the big stuff, but when is the last time you actually called it a win? When your kid didn’t argue about washing their hair in the shower? Or when you finally got your baby down for a nap after days of struggle. Maybe when you finally found a sippy cup that didn’t start leaking after two uses?

This new column will be a way to celebrate those wins that we all deserve. It’s been A YEAR (and a half!) for every parent and we have endured more than we knew was humanly possible. That alone is worth a HUGE celebration!

What will you find here?

It may be an amazing product that saves time or hassle. It will often be advice from experts who have figured some of these challenges out. Sometimes, it may be a podcast, a recipe, or a moment to help you re-center and find your sanity.

Those little things may just help you celebrate a few more parenting wins.

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