Parenting Win of the Week: It’s OK to Be Exhausted

Even supermoms get tired.



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A topic that has come up a lot with friends, and even in various articles these days, is that parents are exhausted. The start of the school year usually comes with a renewed sense of excitement and motivation. But this year, I am going to be honest, I am exhausted. I don’t know if it’s that every decision is weighted more heavily (thanks, global pandemic) or that I am not used to doing much outside my house, or that for the past two school years I served as both a parent and a teacher. Regardless of the reason, I am tired, and sometimes that trickles down to how I can operate as a parent. Now is the point where you may just be wondering how this results in a parenting win.

I follow this amazing psychologist on Instagram Dr. Becky Kennedy, who has amazing advice and excellent solutions to most parenting problems, from whining to epic meltdowns. You have likely heard of her — and if not, follow her stat! Lately, I have been exhausted by trying to even think about implementing these solutions until I saw this and felt heard.

Photo by: Instagram: @drbeckyatgoodinside

Instagram: @drbeckyatgoodinside

This part of her story was to tease a full podcast she did all about the exhaustion of parenting, and her first statement really resonated:

"Parenting Feels Hard Because It Is Hard, Not Because I Am Doing Something Wrong."

(It’s OK to read that twice.)

She gives that permission to do what we know we need, but still look for the validation -- take a break even if that means a little extra screen time for your kids, a dinner that may just be delivery pizza, or no bath before bed because you just can’t deal.

Pre-pandemic I used to have many more nights to myself that kept me rejuvenated and recharged, and now, even those social things can feel like weighty decisions.

So, I am now looking towards those tiny micro-escapes, 15 extra minutes on screens so I can finish something, asking my spouse or a friend to do pick-up when I just can’t stand getting back in your car for the 100th time, or even a hot, uninterrupted shower.

Photo by: Instagram: @lizandmollie

Instagram: @lizandmollie

So, the win of the week? We as parents collectively recognizing (along with a little help from experts and our support system) that parenting is HARD and it’s OK to take a break. Who’s with me?


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