12 Adorable Gender-Neutral Baby Names

Names for anyone your child grows up to be.

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Gender-Neutral Baby Name Inspiration

Rockstar names, names from other countries, surnames-as-first-names and nicknames-as-full-names are just a few of the trends that need no gender reveal. Gender-neutral baby names tend to be playful, open and fun, evoking a hint of the historical without being too vintage. Here are the best gender-neutral baby names to pick from.


The name Dylan evokes classic icons like American troubadour Bob Dylan and Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, but it’s also become a popular women’s name with celebrities like Mia Farrow and Ralph Lauren choosing the name for their daughters.


From female singer Frankie Bridge to male actor Frankie Muniz, this youthful name means “Frenchman” or “free man” in Latin. It has often been used as a nickname for Frances, Frank or Franklin. Down-to-earth and fun, a Frankie is someone you always want to have around.


Charlie may mean “man” or “free man,” but it recently came into vogue as a girl’s name. Ranked a surprisingly high by Nameberry (no. 152!) for women’s names, Charlie is a cute and likeable choice regardless of your child’s gender. Think about it: Everyone (except Lucy) loves Charlie Brown, right?


Haru is a unisex name meaning “spring” in Japanese and “day” in Korean. Because it’s not an overly popular name (BabyCenter ranked it 3,543 in 2019), it’s versatile and can work as a boy’s or girl’s name.


Kai is another great, Japanese-inspired name, meaning “sea” in Hawaiian and “ocean” in Japanese. Positioned as the 64th most popular baby name on BabyCenter, Kai is also cross-listed as a “hipster baby name.”


Noel is a name that seems to broadcast coolness. Both female actress Noel Wells and male singer Noel Gallagher project that effortless je-ne-sais-quoi. But, like wacky British comedian Noel Fielding, the name Noel doesn’t take itself too seriously and resists being labeled as stuffy or uptight. And every Christmas, your baby will get tons of cards with his or her name on it!


Finn may mean fair or blonde, but feel free to give your brunette babe this adorable moniker that’s perfect for a boy or a girl. Actress Finn Atkins’ parents gave their dark-haired daughter this name, as did brown-haired "Stranger Things" actor Finn Wolfhard’s.


From German chanteuse Nico to genderfluid actor Nico Tortorella, this sweet name has traditionally meant “victory.” Despite its “o” ending, girls can rock this name and be the coolest gal in school.


This cool rockstar name of Scottish and Gaelic origin means "with many elm trees.” As if that isn’t rad enough, the name evokes Annie Lennox, the queen of the Eurythmics, and world-class boxer Lennox Lewis. If you really want to go rockstar, you might consider “Lennon” as well.


Female blogger Remy Park and male actor Remi Hii are examples of the gender-neutral name Remy, meaning “oarsman.” Of Latin origin, Remy has long been a popular French name. You can choose to put an accent over the “e” or not, but either way, Remy will be a unique choice for your boy or girl.


There’s a natural, folksy, earthy connotation to the name Rowan, and with good reason. It may mean “little redhead,” after a tree that has red berries, but many of the most famous people named Rowan aren’t redheads—including “Girl Meets World” actress Rowan Blanchard and “Mr. Bean” actor Rowan Atkinson. If the popularity of Pokémon persists into your child’s youth, he or she may even come to know Professor Rowan, a serious fellow who gives beginner trainers their first Pokémon.


There’s a casual aura to the name Jules—can’t you just picture your kid’s friends saying, “What’s up, Jules?” This French name meaning “youthful” is a great full name or nickname for “Julia,” “Juliette,” “Julius” or Julian.” Male sci-fi writer Jules Verne may be the most historically famous, but young’uns like female YouTuber Jules Alice and male rapper Jules Coutinho are just a few of the new namesakes keeping it popular.

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